One of the best sitcoms made in Britain, The Inbetweeners ran for 3 series between May 2008 to October 2010. It won various annual awards including Best Sitcom and Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy.

Since the series concluded, the cast have been involved in the two Inbetweener films (2011 and 2014) and appeared in Fwends Reunited (2019).

It seems that there are no plans for a revival either, with actor James Buckley saying - "Unfortunately it’s just like physically impossible. Because we’re old! I can’t believe that’s even still a discussion."

Now we take a look at what the main four actors have been doing since the series, what other shows have they featured in and if their physical appearances have changed much since the TV show.


Simon Bird - Will

Probably my personal favourite character. Will was intelligent but his witty and outrageous remarks, along with some bad choices often got him into trouble.

Simon has gone onto create a BBC three comedy panel show in 2010 (The King Is Dead), it showed a well-known public figure being hypothetically bumped off. It was then Simon Bird and his comedic interview panel to scour other celebrities to find a replacement. Unfortunately it got pretty low ratings and got cancelled the same year.

His most successful other venture has been Friday Night Dinner, which first began in 2011. Simon plays the older son of a secular Jewish family and the stories often follow the family as they have dinner, which sees him often prank (and be pranked) by his younger brother. My most memorable moment of the show was when Adam is forced to talk with Tanya. The sixth series is due to be broadcast on Channel 4 in 2020.

Also expect to see Days Of The Bagnold Summer soon. Why is it important? Well it's Simon's feature directorial debut which is an adaptation of Joff Winterhart's graphic novel.

You may have spotted him in other small roles too - such as Chickens and Drunk History.


Joe Thomas - Simon 

Ah yes, Simon.. the lad who can never quite get Carli around his arm completely. His character was the grumpiest of the foursome. Many remember Simon for exposing himself on a boat, with only a sock protecting his manhood!

Joe has since been appearing in Fresh Meat between 2011 and 2016. He plays Kingsley Owen who is friendly, insecure and a rash decision maker. The series focuses the lives of six students at the fictional Manchester Medlock University. Once again he features as somebody who struggles with relationship decisions!

In 2017 he appeared in two series of BBC series White Gold. Joe is Martin in the show, a former bassist who would love to be back on the road again - but has to now sell windows! Following a group of UPVC window salesman in 1980s Essex.

He may play the dumb-relationship type on screen, but in real life he's actually with the actress behind Carli (Hannah Tointon)! They've been together for several years and announced their engagement in 2017.

Away from television, he had a major role in a movie called The Festival as Nick. The movie hillariously features Thomas running through a field in briefs!


James Buckley - Jay

Everybody knows a guy like Jay, surely? He was immature and arrogant. Jay often claimed to be very sexually experienced - often telling fictitious stories and bizarre advice. In reality he is the least sexually experienced and constantly lies to make himself seem interesting. I really laughed hard when Jay tried to get drugs in a pub. Bless him.

James appeared in Rock & Chips directly after The Inbetweeners. The 90 minute show saw him play Del Boy - in the prequel to Only Fools and Horses. Despite it being one of the most watched shows of that day, it gained mixed reviews. It focuses on Del and his father's strained relationship.

Between 2016 and 2018, the actor played Brian in Zapped. His character is a temporary office worker in West London who is mysteriously transported to the medieval setting of Munty. Brian is disliked in real life, but my favourite scene includes him being a right charmer!

He was in 13 episodes of I Feel Bad as Chewey. It follows Emet, who is a wife and career woman who feels bad about almost everything.

James also appeared alongside Joe Thomas in White Gold (mentioned above). His character Brian is unhappily married and relishes his time at work, mainly so he can play out his worst desires!


Blake Harrison - Neil

You can't really dislike Neil - he's the nice guy who is a bit dumb at times. He's the very gullible person that Jay craves, as he always falls for his stories. He causes many bad situations to happen to the group. Although it's probably his dance towards the girls in the movie that I like him most for.

Since the Inbetweeners, he was an ever present in the Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret appearing in 17 episodes (2010 to 2016)! He acted as Dave, who is the sole employee of Todd. His character constantly pulls pranks and goes from wanting Todd to fail to being an eager employee.

You may have unknowingly heard Black Harrison's voice on Bob The Builder! He voiced Scoop for 99 episodes, with the majority of them available on YouTube. Despite the series running for over 3 years (2015 to 2018), it received some very negative feedback due to a perceived poor re-design.

Meanwhile he surprised many by appearing in Prime Suspect 1973 (2017) a detective drama. He is DS Spencer Gibbs, a senior officer behind Jane Tennison in this TV adaptation of the novel by Lynda La Plante. Tennison has just joined the Metropolitan Police in Hackney and immediately joins the investigation into a brutal gang boss.

We haven't mentioned a host of other shows that Blake has appeared in - that list includes The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, Way to Go, Big Bad World, Edge of Heaven and Trust Me.