If you was a teenager or 20-something in the noughties, then you most probably watched Skins on E4. The show focused on issues such as sexuality, eating disorders, school trips and not feeling good enough.

There has since been a very short North American remake, airing on MTV in 2011. There were rumours of a film spin-off being made, but so far this hasn't happened.

A reboot is unlikely too after co-creator Bryan Elsley said, "I think it belongs where it is. The members of the first generation of skins are in their late twenties now - time moves on and so does television drama."

Now we take a look at what five of the main actors have been doing since the series, what other shows have they featured in and if their physical appearances have changed much since the TV show.



Jack O'Connell - James

Ah yes Cook, he was very outgoing and often found himself in trouble after partying a bit too hard. He was impulsive and often wanted to be the life and soul of the party. Despite self-destructing a few times, we also saw a caring side.

Since Skins, Jack had a few parts in television series - including acting as Eamonn Docherty in 2011's The Runaway. The show follows Eamonn and Cathy, despite living as brother and sister - they embark on a secret and lustful relationship. They are split when Cathy is sent into care but ultimately find each other again, resulting in an uncertain future.

His most recent TV venture came in Godless (2017). His character is Ray Goode, an injured outlaw on the run after taking loot from his former boss. Set in the 1880s, Griffin's chase leads him to La Belle which is a town full almost entirely by women.

Though it's really movies which have pushed Jack O'Connell further into stardom - with performances in both Unbroken (2014) and Monster Monster (2016). My personal favourite was his brilliant portrayal of Gary Hook in '71, a new British Army recruit who finds himself left behind in 1971 Belfast.

Expect to see much more of O'Connell both on TV and film. He will lead as Patrick in The North Water series, due out in 2020, whilst he will appear in movies Jungleland, Little Fish, Love Is a Gun and The Cradle.

Joe Dempsie - Chris

I mainly remember Chris for setting his interviewer's tie on fire! He would basically smoke and have sex with anything - but eventually falls in love with Jal. The character dies of a brain haemorrhage during Season 2.

Undoubtedly his career highlight after Skins, was appearing in 24 episodes of Games of Thrones as Gendry. His character joins the Night's Watch before being traded numerous times to Tywin Lannister, Brotherhood Without Banners and Stannis Baratheon. He later goes with Jon Snow before joining the army of Daenerys Targaryen.

We really enjoyed his part as Rob in 2016 mini-series One of Us. The show itself follows the murder of Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas, who just got back from their honeymoon. Rob is often led by his heart and feels things very deeply, so often does something before actually thinking about it. He's strong, charming - yet can be hot headed and sometimes even intense. Could Rob have done the double murder?

He has since appeared in 13 episodes of Deep State (2018). The spy thriller follows an MI6 assassin who returns to his double-life and a violent one at that - and this side of him is not known by his wife or children.

Expect to see Joe in new TV show Adulting, the air date is not yet confirmed - but we do know it's heading to the United Kingdom this year.

Kaya Scodelario - Effy 

Hidden in mystery, Effy will probably be seen as the most troubled character from Skins. She was a sometimes silent and menacing teenager, who wouldn't take any nonsense from anyone. Underneath the surface though she battles herself and is very socially awkward.

One of the first things we saw Kaya appearing as Anna in Southcliffe (2013). Set in a fictional town, it follows a series of shootings by a local man - and the effect it has on the local residents.

Ultimately it's her work in the movie business that you've probably spotted her in. She plays Teresa in one of my favourite film franchises, The Maze Runner. Teresa is another mysterious character, who appears as the only female Glader in the series. Wes Ball apparently picked the actress due to her time in Skins!

Kaya also appears in Pirates of the Caribbean as Carina Smyth, the daughter of pirate Barbossa. She is a brilliant thinker with interests in astronomy, time and mathematics. I always laugh when I think of her execution scene with Jack Sparrow, it is certainly worth a watch!

She will take the lead in the brand new Netflix series, Spinning Out as Kat Baker - due out later this year. Kat is a single skater, who has a bad fall during a competition. She then has to try and revive her career whilst dealing with family issues and her own inner daemons.

Nicholas Hoult - Tony

Kathryn Prescott - Emily

Emily begins as a quiet girl but eventually her confidence grows after she comes out as homosexual. When she falls in love with Naomi. Emily's main traits are she is intelligent, brave and funny.

You would have noticed Emily a lot as Carter Stevens in the Finding Carter series, appearing in 36 episodes throughout 2014. Carter is a teenage girl whose life is thrown upside down after she finds out her family life is complete lie. She must now navigate through her new life which includes a twin sister and younger brother.

A few years later (2016), she was in 24: Legacy as Amira. The character seemed sweet and innocent, but we soon find out about her plan to conduct the bomb attack. Her bridge attack scene will forever last in my memory.

She also appeared in 11 episodes of The Son. The series tells the story of Eli McCullough losing everything, only to re-build a life which is full of wealth and privilege. The family go onto become one of the richest families in Texas.

The actress is currently working on a new short-film called Jane. She will be the Director, Executive Producer and Writer of the movie - which sees a young woman suffering from heroin addiction, being invited to her estranged 4-year-old daughter's birthday party.