A music advert can't be so harmful can it? Well it seems so, after a 2018 Spotify ad has been banned off our screens.

The advert launched in June, shows a group of young people playing Camila Cabello's single Havana. Each time the song plays, it brings a scary doll to life that scares them.

Members of the public complained to the The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), stating that it caused a distress to a child (fair comment, it scared me too!!!).

On a BBC article, ASA said that it would cause distress to children who saw it - especially because it was set inside a house, in a bedtime setting and featured a doll. They also said the channel it appeared on was designed to attract younger viewers.

In a statement, Spotify apologised for any distress the ad may have caused. The company added there was no violence, the soundtrack was intended to be tongue-in-cheek and 73% of the channel's audience was aged between 18 and 44.