2017 X-Factor will bring the shortest Live-Shows stage in history - yet the auditions are bringing yet more glorious talent! Here is our Top 10:


10 Paris man Kevin Davy White was a soulful surprise from Week 2. The electrician's performance was very smooth and powerful! As Nicole smiled with glee, the 29-year-old sung out Mans World, the classic James Brown tune.

Have no doubt - playing the guitar whilst singing, showing emotion and keeping in tune is very difficult. Bravo Kevin.

09 Shy teenager Daniel Quick could be a dark-horse, but charts at 9 due to his lack of performance charisma.

The Iceland cashier's voice is perfect, not everybody can sing Your Song (by Elton John) that good. Though can he thrill the audience during the live shows (if he gets that far)? Currently no, he must get his confidence up fast.

08 Popular social media users Jack and Joel sung upbeat singles from Ed Sheeran's new selection. I'd definitely recommend watching some of their acoustic YouTube videos aswell.

Their talent is flawless, and the duo have already been on tour in South America along with performing at venues such as London's 02.

07 Alisah Bonaobra from the Philippines looks like a very timid person, though her voice is anything but! The performance of Beyonce's Listen was just brilliant.

During The Voice of the Philippine's, Alisah came runner up. Can she go one better in the UK's X Factor?


06 McDonald's worker Rebecca Grace had no need to be nervous, her performance of Kelly Clarkson's single Piece By Piece. The 22-year-old has already been compared with Adele - and with a voice like that, I can see why.

Unfortunately I watched her video 4 times, and forgot who she was! I feel that Rebecca could be great, but needs to get her personality out more before she is remembered.

05 Irish brothers Sean and Conor Price have it all. Cuteness, cheekiness, confidence and great voices.

Already known locally for busking, the teens sung Jimi Hendrix classic All Along The Watchtower - adding a modern edge with some superb rapping. My favourite audition by a group.

04 Not many people sing 1961 classic  Rounaround Sue, so I remembered Sam Black performance instantly. Cheeky and upbeat, this is the type of auditions that make me smile and love X-Factor.

It's not easy to sing a song that many people won't know due to its age, but Black pulled it off and the judges loved it!

03 It took me approximately 5 seconds to know that Shanaya Atkinson-Jones would be in this Top 10 list. The Durham lass has a popstar look and the voice is just simply stunning. I mean WOW. Say Something is a difficult tune, but the teenager just blasted it out with ease and pure power.

The scary bit? She will only get better with age and experience. Watch out X-Factor, we could have a star in the making.

02 Experience certainly helped Berget Lewis get into my Top 2. The soulful Amsterdam singer changed her tone, made the song soft and then hit it up without even thinking. It was an outstanding audition.

The 45 year-old sung Purple Rain and was a total stand-out in Episode 4. Surely she has to be in the Live Shows.

1 If this voice came on the radio tomorrow, I would know instantly that it belonged to Grace Davies. This is vital and the reason why I think she could be the X-Factor of 2017.

Born in Langho, (Blackburn), the 20-year-old's voice felt meaningful, all the lyrics felt totally real.

Not only that - her original song Roots was so emotional, with a superb musical background and proved her quality as a song-writer.

Simon Cowell took the words out of my head, this was the total perfect audition.


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