Nason Noise kicking off about his lack of audition air time, Olly Murs making a ridiclous mistake and Simon saying goodbye to One Direction - this is our X Factor Series 12 Highlights.


10 This was visually beautiful, while the singing wasn't too shabby either! The cover of Naughty Boy's Runnin was performed by Lauren Murray, and she did a fine job whilst being in the backdrop of rain.
09 We love Olly Murs but his mistake on week three was bad. During the results of Monica vs Anton, he somehow managed to count the votes of the four judges wrong (I mean one, two, three, four... it's really not hard)! After all four judges are split (2 vs 2) Olly announces that Monica is going home but it was obviously supposed to be deadlock. Make sure to watch Caroline Flack's reaction (complete confusion).
08 How could I not mention Reggie 'N' Bollie? The remix of OMI and One Direction was fun and vibrant! X Factor was certainly a better watch because of the duo. Lets be honest though, it would have been a calamity for the show if their (at times) shocking vocals had won.
07 Never think that acapella is easy, because it is very difficult. Amazing Grace from Chloe Paige was not just beautiful, it was pitch perfect for the most part. With other singers using backing tracks, it was a very risky choice to go it alone but one which ultimately paid off in the 6 Chair Challenge.
06 I do think 4th Power was vocally poor in many stages of the competition. The performance of Love The Way You Lie, certainly wasn't weak and proved the group could sing. The foursome provided perfect harmonies and become the dark horse for many. Unfortunately their vocals seemed to struggle after the Judges Houses.
05 Many believe that Josh Daniel was the best singer on X Factor based on this performance. Jealous is a very difficult song to master, but Josh certainly did! It had Cheryl in tears, Simon almost in tears and the crowd up on their feet. Unfortunately he never made it past Nick's house.
04 I can't believe that anybody watching The 6 Chair Challenge was expecting Mason Noise to kick off! The youngster was furious that X Factor had cut his audition to only 47 seconds, compared to others who had apparently 10 minutes. Simon Cowell was shocked, the contestants were shaken and Mason got kicked off. He was soon back though as the replacement for Tom Bleasby.
03 Talent is obvious when an artist achieves an applause during the very opening of their singing. Ché Chesterman's voice was superb throughout the whole competition, but this is certainly his best performance. The vocals during the final chorus are just stupendous.
02 The montage and speech from Simon Cowell for One Direction was a lovely addition to the Final of X Factor 2015. The part of Jack Whitehall was hilarious. The appearance of David Beckham was also a big coup for X Factor. Though this was most probably Cowell asking for them to come back and work with him.
01 For me and many others, this is the moment where I picked Louisa Johnson to be my winner. You can tell that there is a common acceptance on the other contestants that she will definitely be getting a seat. The song choice was superb and seems to match the The 6 Chair Challenge very well.
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