Undeniably there is nothing truly better than British comedy, and the sitcom is the crème of the crop.

Yes, us Brits love situations - we like to moan about our own but better yet, to poke fun of someone else’s. We also love our comedy: dry and bitter- just like our brews. The sitcom is therefore the perfect British storm.

Sit back and hide from all the Boris drama with an iced tea and our list of top ten British sitcom characters. I believe that these unique personalities put the ‘great’ back into… well, Great British sitcoms. Enjoy!


10 - Trigger (Roger Lloyd-Pack) - Only Fools and Horses

Trigger is certainly not the sharpest tool in the box, and that’s exactly what makes him so funny.

We are told that he was a petty criminal in the past, though any trace of brain activity required for this has diminished.

When asked about his father, Trigger explains that he died a few years before he was born; he also persistently calls main character Rodney ‘Dave’ mistakenly.



9 - Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) - Fawlty Towers

Basil Fawlty dreams of making it big in the hotel business, except for Basil this is best in theory over practice.

Basil’s vision might be big, but his people skills are nothing short of inept. It’s a surprise that wife Sybil’s back is still intact by the end of the series because carrying the weight of the business must be heavy.

Highly-strung and hopelessly cynical, Basil is always one trill of the phone away from losing his composure.


8 - Kryten (Robert Llewelyn) - Red Dwarf

Kryten is a rather loveable Canadian robot that permanently boards ship in series three of Red Dwarf.

Llewelyn’s attempt at the Canadian accent might be appalling but his character is nothing short of legendary. As a sanitation robot, Kryten loves to clean- but he is also the brains behind the crew.

Kryten is matter of fact and sometimes anxious – he is also a huge magnet for trouble. We love you Kryten.



7 - Neil ‘Smithy’ Smith (James Corden) - Gavin and Stacey

I don’t want to give James Corden anymore credit than he deserves, but I must include Smithy on my list.

This laddish builder/decorator from Billericay has a passion for West Ham United, cigarettes and fatty foods. Smithy is short-tempered but not short of a meal from a fast food joint!

He might be upfront and a little less than patient with Gavin over his match with Stacey, but Smithy is really a huge softie – prone to big, emotional outbursts throughout the series.


6 - Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly) - Father Ted

Undoubtedly not the holiest Priest to grace Craggy Island, Father Jack is an elderly and rather vulgar alcoholic.

When he’s not effing and blinding, Jack can be seen drinking anything he can get his hands on - not excluding toilet bleach and berating the poor. Jack also loves girls and shouts this frequently in drunken outbursts.

Whilst Jack is hardly a good role model, he truly is comedy gold.



5 - Super Hans (Matt King) - Peep Show

Introduced to us as Jez’s (Robert Webb) bandmate, Simon Hans (dubbed Super Hans) is a peculiar personality in a constant love affair with crack cocaine, cannabis and other drugs.

When not getting high, Super Hans works various jobs as a removal van driver, bathroom salesman and receptionist.

We don’t know much about SH other than he has a bad relationship with his father, and later find out he has German twins.


4 - Douglas Reynholm (Matt Berry) - The IT Crowd

The not-so corporate head of Reynholm industries. Douglas Reynholm is corrupt, crass and carelessly kooky-hardly good leadership qualities.

Reynholm channels ‘weird uncle’ vibes and unfortunately for main character Jen (Katherine Parkinson), he is headed her way.

Douglas can be seen talking about “sexy sex”, hosting Jane Fonda-style workout classes and fighting a Priest.



3 - Will McKenzie (Simon Bird) - The Inbetweeners

I’m not one to go straight for a main character, but Will is quite the exception.

We all remember that “I am a man” stint in the liquor store as Will attempts to cheat his way into underage drinking with his friends on what can only be described as a naff Ferris Beuller-style ‘day off’.

Regarded by his school mates as uncool, ex-public-school boy Will has a knack for rubbing people up the wrong way and having priceless outbursts.


2 - Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) - Absolutely Fabulous

She’s all about booze, drugs and… that’s about it really.

PR agent Edina Monsoon is mostly seen falling out of a taxi at the end of a booze-fuelled night out. She also habitually curses her rather responsible teenage daughter, Saffron (Julia Sawalha) for just being around. Her attempts at punctuality are abysmal but her terms of endearment are brilliant.

I challenge you to count the times Miss Monsoon calls partner in crime Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and Saffron “Darling Sweetheart”. Though don’t try anything she does at home!



1 - Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) - I'm Alan Partridge

What a guy! Norfolk born and bred, Alan is cheesy, awkward and eye-wateringly inappropriate.

What grinds Alan’s gears is the pedestrianisation of Norwich town centre but above all else, farmers.

If there were such thing as ‘faux pas’ royalty, then Alan would indisputably be king.