2018 saw another new talent show, this time in the form of All Together Now on BBC One! Performers sung to a panel of 100, with the aim to get as many of the 100 people standing up and singing along. Here is our Top 10:


10 96/100 stood up for Tabi Gazele, thanks to a stunning cover of Treasure (Bruno Mars). After the episode, Tabi described the song as a feel-good and an old school grove - and she was right!
09 Out of every All Together Now performance, it is Chrissy Caine's which sticks in my mind. She sung opera (Nessun Dorma) before turning into a rock chick (Paradise City) - which got a respectable score of 83/100.

The switch in genre really got me, and was a definite highlight from the series.

08 What can I say about The Sundaes? They were just totally stunning! The trio consist of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla - with 88/100 enjoying this performance.

I just loved their outfits, the confidence and everything else really. I don't normally like many Donna Summer tracks, but The Sundaes converted me into a No More Tears lover!

07 Jodie Steele performed a beautiful version of a Whitney Houston classic. She stripped it down, which made this performance even more impressive and scored her 97/100.
06 Welsh builder and events singer Karl Lewis got an impressive 86/100. Personally we would have got up for this, Shut Up And Dance is just an amazing feel-good-tune and a superb choice.

His confidence was there to see, and made his entire performance flow nicely.

05 We always love when a fellow person from South Yorkshire does well, so it was nice to see Lee England perform a beautiful rendition of Goodnight Girl. His voice was on point at all times.

He got 84/100, but was that down to the song being a bit too depressive? It's not a song I would dance too either.

04 The entire panel, 100/100 stood up for Michael Rice, as he took on Proud Mary. You might recognise him from the 2014 series of The X Factor.

This year, his Tina Turner song rendition was just something else. His confidence was unbelievable, flawless from the first second. It was one of them moments when you think, 'wow this guy could win the competition' - and that's just what he did (to be fair Rice's covers of Crazy In Love and Hallelujah could have both featured in this list).

03 I just love Great Big World's song Say Something, so I was always going to pick Norbert Bondin in my Top 10. Though he is on this list due to an amazing voice, and not sentimental value.

If you listen to his clip, you won't realise that Norbert has a stammer - because when he is singing it completely vanishes. He clearly struggles with confidence,
but his range and emotion was clear to hear. 92/100 was a job well done.

02 Now what can we say about Victoria Oruwari? She is just incredible. The music teacher (who is blind) from London left Geri Horner in tears with a beautiful version of Climb Every Mountain.

The song from The Sound of Music got an impressive 95/100. Though it's her beautiful tone which gets her into our second place.

1 Our favourite performance of All Together Now came from Portsmouth singer Rachael Hawnt. She did an amazing job, looking glamorous and performing with confidence. It helped that we love 'Alone' by Heart aswell.

The fact this was a sing-off, made it even more astonishing. She managed to get a score of 97/100 with this, 90 points above her sing-off opponent. Wow.