2016 saw some superb acting, drama and story-lines hit our television screens. We countdown our top ten series you may have missed. This time we visit drama. Please be aware, this countdown does not include returning or well known shows.


10 Its 1935 and a family have moved from England to Corfu. The Durrells sees a large battle erupt, can this family really adapt to a country totally different to their own? What about work? School? You will be hit with nostalgia throughout with amazing scenery and it will make you giggle at times with the adults being more like kids.
09 A tail of friendship, lies and hurt is on order when watching The Five. Four childhood friends are left traumatized when a five year disappears after playing in the park with them, but 20 years on DNA evidence suggests they aren't telling the truth. Aired on Sky One, the series starred Tom Cullen, OT Fagbenle and Lee Ingleby. This is a gripping drama which will keep you interested from the moment go. Are the four telling the truth? Are they to blame for his murder? Is he still alive?
08 BBC One offered One of Us in a four-part miniseries but the storyline was full of depth. This is a decent drama which is tense and atmospheric. Childhood sweethearts Adam and Grace are brutally murdered, their families are devastated but worse is to come when the murderer turns up at their doorstep. Can you guess the plot? Let me answer that for you, no. This is who done it drama at its very best! Read our full One On Us review.
07 War & Peace was a hard task for BBC1 to produce because of the sheer dialogue from the novel. This thrilling series is an adaptation full of betrayal, friendship, love and war. It will really tug at your heartstrings but this is a drama of pure class. Close your eyes and believe you are with the families that are caught up in the 1805 conflict as Napolean gets closer to Russia and meet the young men about to fight for their lives. Read our full War & Peace review.
06 People often forget a celebrity is a normal human being with feelings, National Treasure tackles the dark underbelly of celebrity life. Paul Finchley is a celebrity at the top, when he is accused of raping a 15 year old girl several years ago. The series is an intriguing piece of drama, showing the impact on a celebrity's family and press intrusion. It was inspired by a real police operation which prosecuted many television stars, known as Yewtree. Read our full National Treasure review.
05 Jenna Coleman left Doctor Who for Victoria, which tells you just how good she thought this show and her character's storyline could be. About the early years of Queen Victoria including her ascent to the throne at only eighteen, her committed friendship with Lord Melbourne and courtship with Prince Albert. The series got such a good reaction that ITV expects it to run for six series. Impressive.
04 Serial killers are mysterious individuals, which make Dark Angel a dark, shadowy, grim looking Victorian drama. Its an adaptation about Mary Ann Cotton, who was found guilty in 1873 of murdering three husbands. There are many good killer series out there but this was impressive and will shock you to the core. ITV did a super job considering it was only a two-part special. Read our full review of Dark Angel.
03 Its not surprising that The Young Pope has made our list. Even before it aired, the series painted its outline with a very costly production budget, two well known main actors (Jude Law, Diane Keaton) aswell as other stellar cast members. The striking drama follows the youngest ever pope beginning power as he shocks the Vatican by becoming everything a pope shouldn't be and questioning the old establishment.
02 You have to be brave to do this type of drama, The A Word and BBC One certainly were that. A poignant drama which offers something different because it dives into disability, the affects to the family and caring for a child. Joe is a five year old boy who has problems with communicating, but his parents seem oblivious and struggle with his soon to be diagnosed autism. Based on Yellow Peppers, it brings an interesting and at times hard to swallow storyline. Read our full review of The A Word.
01 Blink and you missed it. BBC Three launched this show before it swapped to its online format. Thirteen provides a gripping drama, full of confusion and hurt. You will ask questions after previous questions. It follows a girl, escaping thirteen years after being captured and sealed in a cellar. Jodie Comer was a superb lead of a distant character who you wanted to believe, but was she really that innocent? You'll have to watch to find out.
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