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Interview with BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT Semi-Finalist JESS ROBINSON. She discusses her BGT experiences, 2018 stand-up tour and performing in Little Voice. The English comedian's voice was first heard on TV shows such as Dead Ringers, Headcases and Horrible Histories. Robinson says she was the class clown, “I loved doing impressions of my teachers to make…
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The Best Ever BGT Performance?

To mark the tenth anniversary of Britian's Got Talent, the series brought back some memorable faces from previous seasons. Is this the best ever performance in BGT History? People who were included are Jamie Raven, Attraction, Diversity, Kieran Gaffney, Ashleigh and Pudsey, George Sampson, Jon Clegg, Stavros Flatley, Old Men Grooving, Collabro and Spellbound.


Henry Gallagher won the hearts of a nation after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent performing his own song, Lightning in 2015. He has gone onto perform various gigs around the country. HENRY GALLAGHER INTERVIEW Talking to Telly Binge, he said his audition was the best day of his life, “It was such a big moment.…
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