1. Frank performed by David Ryall (Sue's father) is diagnosed with dementia. He caused an off-screen fire in the Second Season when he set a tin of baked beans alight.

2. Creators Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin in part, based the sitcom on their own experiences of bringing up young families.

3. In Series 4, Outnumbered references panel shows when Pete (acted by Hugh Dennis) complains there's only that genre on TV. He also mentions Frankie Boyle, who Hugh worked with for several years on Mock The Week.

4. The show has celebrated eight gongs from the British Comedy Awards and National Television Awards.

5. Karen (Ramona Marquez) runs a funeral for a mouse and buries it with cheese and bread. Saying that at least it'll have cheese on toast if it goes to hell.

6. In Season 5, Sue's office is Skype'd by Harry Shearer. Sherer is the voice of many Simpson's residents including Mr Burns, Mr Smithers, Nad Flanders and Principal Sinner (and many more).