DOWNTON ABBEY British drama DOWNTON ABBEY was broadcast on ITV for five years. Set between 1912-1925, it followed the lives of a fictional family and their servants.

1. Maggie Smith didn't watch a single episode whilst appearing as Violet Crawley. Apparently she was worried about self-doubt.

2. Most of the series was filmed at an estate in Hampshire, known as Highclere Castle. Downton Abbey used the castle's exterior, dining room, drawing room, library and its grand hallway. Although they had to use a London Studio to film scenes in the servant’s bedrooms and kitchen due to the Castle’s poor shape.


3. The show wanted its characters fashion to look authentic, so brought in a no-wash policy on the majority of its costumes. Some actors have admitted the costumes stink and only the armpit patches get washed.

4. Over 120 million people have watched the show. It was broadcast all around the world; it especially became a major hit in Russia and South Korea.

5. The show got 69 Emmy nominations and won 12. Other than American series, Downton Abbey is the most nominated in Emmy history.

6. Queen Elizabeth is said to be a big fan, spending time to find mistakes in the show. Apparently she mentioned that a British officer had received the wrong World War medals (the Officer had fought in WW1 but the medals were WW2).