DA ALI G SHOW was broadcast between 2000 to 2004, featuring Sacha Baron Cohen. Below are some facts and figures that you may not know!

1. The show ran for three series, massing a total of 18 episodes.

2. Channel 4 originally took Da Ali G Show under its wing, screening the debut season. Though HBO in the US took the second and third seasons.


3. Series 1, 2 and 3 had major differences. S1 was mostly shot in Europe, containing scripted segments and music performances with a studio audience. Yet in S2/S3 it was mostly America, not scripted, no musical performances or studio audience.

4. Various interviewee's were upset following appearing on the show. James Broadwater, a Republican candidate for US Congress was one of those. He was told his interview would be played in Kazakhstan. After it was shown in American communities, it upset many due to some offensive questions/answers and Broadwater denounced Da Ali G Show on his website.

5. Did you know Seth Rogan used to be a staff writer for the series? The now famous actor was involved back in 2004.

6. Since the series, the actor Sacha Baron Cohen has featured on three films with three seperate characters from Da Ali G Show. Ali G (2002), Borat (2006) and Bruno (2009).

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