Running on three separate occasions, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS was a jewel of TV sitcom. The show was created by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. In total Ab Fab broadcast 39 episodes and most recently returned in 2011/12.

1. BBC were originally skeptical that the public would not get Ab Fab. Apparently they were worrying people away from Soho would fail to understand the concept.

2. There isn't such an age gap between on-air Mum Jennifer Saunders (1958) and on-air daughter Julia Sawalha (1968). The pair are only ten years apart.


3. The Monsoon's (Edina, Adrianna etc) last name was previously used on another show, which also starred Adrian Edmondson. Eddy Monsoon appeared during The Comic Strip which began in 1981.

4. America have attempted to make two versions of the show. Unfortunately both were ignored by US TV networks.

5. Various celebs have appeared on the show. Cameo celebrities included Christopher Biggins, David Haye, Kelly Holmes and The Spice Girls (Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell).

6. The set which was used for Eddie's kitchen was used for Miranda, another BBC comedy.