24 BBC SKY 2016

1. 24 was originally planned to be a romantic comedy. The idea was to show a day in the life of a wedding, but that was swiftly scrapped.

2. Apparently a 12-hour digital clock was used in the series, because the show thought a 24-hour numerals clock would confuse American viewers.

3. James Badge Dale broke through the acting world thanks to 24. Though his role of Chase Edmunds was originally offered to Gabriel Macht. In the end thanks to a flawless audition, Dale got the character.

4. Every cast member has their hair trimmed every five days, whilst they must wear the same clothing to provide consistency.

5. Before Season 4, Fox was hit by heavy media fire with a claim that the series was showing many Middle Eastern people as terrorists. 24 wrote Brothers Safa and Naji into one episode as store owners to combat the storm potentially brewing.

6. Jack Bauer likes to say the words damn it. Apparently he said it 162 times in the first eight seasons.