A controversial 6 part political based drama, YEARS AND YEARS follows the lives of an A-typical British family.

Russell T Davis (of Dr Who writing fame) wrote this must watch dystopian masterpiece; casting Emma Thompson, Rory Kinnear, Russell Tovey and the lovely Anne Reid.


Episode One starts one night in 2019 with the Lyons family around the TV, a multicultural family; who are very much indicative of life in Britain today. Wee baby Lincoln is born, and the characters wonder what the future holds for him. “ what sort of world are we in, if it is this bad now, what is it going to be like in 30 years’ time…”, thus Russell Tovey as the adoring Uncle expertly sets the scene for this Dystopian futuristic drama.

The characters in this drama are fabulous. I love Anne Reid as the grandmother (Muriel) with her witty, if at times inappropriate comments. Muriel is so indicative of her generation, struggling to keep up with the times so to speak. Lydia West is equally fabulous as Bethany Bisme-Lyons, a teenager trying to find her identity; who boldly announces that she wants to be trans-human. Is that really a thing? Who knows!

However, later in the episode; when all looks bleak and Armageddon  looms on the horizon - attitudes change and it is like “ you can be whatever you want to be”.

Emma Thompson plays the egocentric politician Viv Rock, who kind of reminded me of a female version of Nigel Farrage. She is opinionated and controversial, and her catch phrase “I do not give a *****” is genius. People see her as an alternative and a way to rebel against the institution. Hmm now that does sound familiar!  Viv Rock is a politician for the people and "all I want  is for my bins to be collected" sums up her will to appeal to the masses.

Brexit ironically only gets a passing mention, maybe because no one really knows how that will pan out. Yet the underlying fear throughout is the threat of nuclear war; a dystopian fear, but also one from a bygone era. I did get the sense that we have been here before. However, the addition of Keith the gay robot was amusing. I hope we see more of the robot!

Also the glimpse into tech of the future was good; although I guess hardly surprising considering the writer's previous writing history. I particularly liked Bethany hiding behind her snap-chat facade.  I guess we all would like to hide behind things at times!

This drama was definitely very fast paced and at times hard to keep up with. However it was the most thought provoking and yet at the same time scary drama I have ever watched.  I am eager to see what happens next. What can a future hold after the button is pressed, countries are angered, people have taken to the streets and chaos has ensued? What does the next 15 years hold for civilization?

Years and Years is a must watch for anyone who likes Dystopian dramas, or who is a fan of Dr Who. It really does make compelling viewing. A big well done to the BBC, this is why I pay my TV licence.

- Watched on BBC One. 14/05/2019