Ever watched a potential employee come in and hope they were about to become your colleague? Wanted to be the manager and choose them? That's exactly what happens in Who's The Boss!

The three episode show is airing on BBC2 (Tuesday at 9PM) and lets the employees choose who their company will employ out of two candidates. The debut of the series saw Reynolds Catering Supplies take the plunge.

As the interview begins, Reynolds' potential new staff members have no idea that they are being valuated by the entire workforce – as administrators, cleaners, seniors, the gatehouse and even those in the canteen are keeping keen eyes on a live video feed. This is a really good idea and apparently it's been used successfully overseas and in mega-large firms here.

We meet the candidates Jill McDonald, who has worked in haulage and former transport worker Andrew Walker. They are set to go through four grueling days of work experience, which will eventually seal who wins the approval of the workforce and ultimately gets the job.

Then it was the customer service calls, which provided the Reynolds' team to have a right laugh at their future manager's expense! One faked delivery driver pretended he couldn’t hear them and he was in the wrong location for a delivery, whilst a bluffed company complained that their products were beyond late and they would be switching provider. Both Jill and Andrew coped well, although the majority of Reynold's people seemed to support Jill. This was entertaining to watch.

However Jill's confident start was diminished after she struggled to cope with route planning. Despite Andrew's better knowledge of South East London and proving himself in the planning task, his deliverance of the plan let him down on the following task with his driver being later.

I really didn't enjoy how the show tells the applicants about the situation and provided them an opportunity to preach for votes. It felt like X Factor, was it really needed? The awkward hug between the two candidates summed it up. All staff then nominated who they wanted to win through ballot box or online by providing scores of skills and suitability.

Who's The Boss was a really entertaining show and I watched with interest throughout. It could have maybe included a few more funny moments, but the cringe-worthy times made up for it.