A Netflix original series full of Mystery and suspense, What/If has Renée Zellweger of Bridget Jones Diary fame alongside Jane Levy and Blake Jenner. A fantastic cast and a plot to pull on our heart strings, makes for a gripping must watch series.

What/If explores the morals around what lengths someone might go to, to get what they want.  I was very much reminded of the film Indecent Proposal and nearly gave up watching at this point! Thinking this has been done before. However, I persevered and so far have watched the 1st two episodes. At the start it is slow, but it does get better.


There are a lot of very intriguing characters in ‘What/ If’ and I look forward to seeing how these develop as the series continues.

Renée Zellweger is really good as Anne. Anne is a rich business woman who is both sophisticated and brooding, she holds an air of mystery which compels you to keep watching. It is obvious that she has a back story, which is kept secret at first; but no doubt will come out as the series progresses. Indeed each of the characters has a back story which adds interest to the plot as a whole.

Blake Jenner who plays Sean (Lisa’s husband),  adds some much needed ‘eye candy’ to the whole thing and I am left not only wanting to see more of this series; but also thinking I must watch Glee again.

Jane Levy is fabulous as Lisa (the wife of Sean) a woman who you cannot help feel empathy for and whose sad tale of her sister dying draws you into what is a very gripping story line. She is an ambitious young woman and an idealistic scientist with an idea for which she needs funding for.

It makes you wonder whether we would all make the same decisions, when faced with the same dilemma. However, decisions rarely are so simple and clear cut and usually there is a price to pay. It would seem that this ‘Price to pay’ is where it all turns a little dark and mysterious. I cannot wait to find out what secrets will transpire. I guess I shall have to keep watching!

Since watching the 1st two episodes I have read some of the other reviews on the series. I have to say that, although I must admit I would have stopped watching after the first 5 minutes - had I not been doing a review on it; that I am glad that I carried on watching and now find myself hooked and hoping that they make a second series.

On the whole, What/If is a well thought out drama series. It is a slow starter and yet if you persevere, then it does get better. It is worth watching for Renée Zellweger and Blake Jenner who are amazing in it.

The mystery and suspense will have you gripped and will make you want to binge watch the rest of the series.

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