Look, if you were expecting something different from an HBO comedy series starring Danny McBride, VICE PRINCPLAS clearly isn't for you.



I've heard a lot of bashing on the show, and after watching the first episode, if you're complaining about it, you're dumb. Sure, Danny McBride's character is a cookie-cutter version of his persona of Kenny Powers from 'Eastbound and Down' (another HBO series of his) or anything you've seen him in, but that's his thing. And he does his thing very well.

With the premise of Danny McBride playing a high school vice principal, the show follows his character as he tries to become the new principal of his school. The old principal (Bill Murray) is forced to leave his position to care for his wife, who has cancer. McBride (Neil Gamby in the show) has to compete with the other vice principal (Walton Goggins, playing Lee Russell) for the top spot, when a wrench is thrown into the mix.

I loved the first episode. It was pretty much what I expected and I'm perfectly content with it. I was cracking up throughout the entirety of the episode and am a huge Danny McBride fan. (Don't sleep on him in 'Alien: Covenant', as I feel like he does have that dark intensity to play a role outside of his wheelhouse).

One of the fun aspects of the show is the rivalry between the two vice principals. They are both gunning for the top spot and their dialogue with each other is hysterical. The insults thrown back and forth are vintage McBride and are just plain silly.

His vice principal character makes for a great comedic platform, as his interactions with the school staff and student body makes for great comedic potential. As a teacher myself, the school setting really hit home with me. There surely have been plenty of times where I would have LOVED to express my frustrations in ways that Vice Principal Gamby does.

The only real negative that I have is the use of Bill Murray. I really would have loved to see him more. His limited role didn't call for much from him and honestly, that part could have been played by anybody and would have been no different. I think his talents were a bit wasted.

Overall, the episode was a lot of fun and left me excited to continue watching the season. The humor and comedic styling of Danny McBride paired with ridiculous dialogue and a great setting really has the potential to make for a hilarious season.

- Aired on Sky Atlantic, July 26 2016 at 21:35.