Trinkets is one of the latest Netflix shows which was released on 14th June. It is based on the novel of the same name by Kirsten Smith.

Brianna Hildebrand stars as Elodie Davis, a teenage kleptomaniac who moves from Albuquerque (New Mexico) to Portland (Oregon) to live with her father and his family after the death of her mother. Most of us will probably know Hildebrand from Deadpool fame in which she brilliantly starred as moody Negasonic Teenage Warhead.


Hildebrand plays a very different character in Trinkets; a somewhat reserved loner who longs to fit in. From the get go she seems fairly likeable; alternatively dressed (bordering on a played down 90’s girl skater style). But it's easy to see that she is troubled somehow.

She’s instantly hounded at her new school by a girl called Rachelle (Haley Tju) who seems friendly enough although quite superficial from the get go and she invites her to a party. Either way, you're on Elodie's side to fit in and make friends. In the girl's bathroom she sees Tabitha (Quintessa Swindell) who is talking to some friends whilst looking in the mirror and doing make up. She's the popular chick who seems to be all about her appearance. There is a moment in Elodie does look at her longingly to probably say hi but Tabitha instantly shuts her down and asks what she's staring at.

At that moment, in walks our third character, Moe (Kiana Madeira) who I am personally intrigued by. She's alternative as well, but bordering on more of an emo style and instantly appears to be a bit of a loner too. Although giving the opposite vibe to Elodie – and appears to prefer not fitting in. Tabitha and Moe have a momentary clash as Tabitha leaves the bathroom. Elodie sees it as an opportunity to talk to Moe by commenting on how unfriendly Tabitha is but gets shut down again with vape smoke blown in her face by Moe! It may not seem like it but future friendships are on the horizon.

After that we are quickly introduced to Elodie's shoplifting skills when she steals from a local store and gets caught. As punishment she is sent to an anonymous group for kleptomaniacs and this is where she surprisingly meets her two peers.

The anonymous group leader is Shawn (Larisa Oleynik). I have to shout her out because I spent my childhood watching her in Nickelodeon's Alex Mack (1994) in which she played Alex. I used to love that show and more importantly, her hats! The girls are of course surprised to see each other in the group but the following scenes in which they decide to show off their klepto skills are quite entertaining! They bump into each other in a local department store and Moe suggests that whoever lifts the most expensive gear, wins it all.

Later on we learn a little bit more about Tabitha who has her own struggles; life for her is like a bit of an Instagram filter masking her troubles. Elodie does try to reach out and be there for her; which shows us that she is probably a genuine and good person. Even Moe, the cool emo has her own issues. You can tell she isn't as privileged as her peers and because of that she does resent them and anyone else with status and money.

I think this opening episode of Trinkets is quite nicely put together and it is the beginning of something that could be very interesting. If the episodes were longer, it may have been a little bit dull at times or too similar to other teen dramas we've seen before.

Overall, the general build up and introductions of the characters is a little clumsy because it is difficult to portray anything meaningful in 30 minutes without it seeming a little rushed. I think it could have even worked as a movie, even? However, having said that this show is definitely one to binge and can keep watchers intrigued.

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