Immature, lazy and spoilt teenagers are sent on a journey they won't forget on Tribal Teens...Here Comes Trouble. The new series provides the wake-up call of a lifetime! The youngsters are challenged with the planet's toughest tribes in remote communities, but how will they cope?

At first I found the characters rather unconvincing due to Ethan's chronic laziness and Alex's princess characteristics, reminding me of Blood, Sweat and Takeaways, which shows culture shock to young people. I do like shows that inspire people to do great things, though I feel the TV format has been overused over the years. The one reason that it still manages to stay fresh is simply because of the great diversity in stories and environments they use.

I found Alex one of my favourite characters throughout this journey once you get past the princess mentality. We see her more adventurous side as she refers to herself as Indi-Ali Jones, a great reference for many Indiana Jones fans. The greater willingness to try new things even though she's disgusted, like eating a maggot or having to slaughter a chicken.

As for Ethan, I felt that I had to work very hard to see the best in him due to his poor attitude. It was hard to sympathise with him even when it was revealed that a traumatic life event, reduced his morale so much that he lost the confidence to do anything in his life hence his chronic laziness we see today.

As the week progresses, you see Ethan improve but not after much hassle for the locals to motivate and encourage him to help them out with daily chores and fishing. It got to the point where the locals had to devise a cure for Ethan's laziness under their traditional medicine system, after a while it seems to have worked. He finally started taking responsibility for himself and the tribe, which shows me that even the most work-shy individuals can be transformed.

Alex also transformed by eating foods she normally would't touch especially with the tribe's yucca and spit dish, which brews a beverage that they drink during their ceremonies.

When the week was over,it was rather nice to see both Alex and Ethan completely transformed and with a better attitude and morale. They made significant strides which we see at the end of this show, back in the UK.

I would recommend this show but with some caveats. The use of a now dated TV format to share the stories of people on these kinds of shows and I found it hard to watch because of how the adolescents behaved before the transition.