The Tiny Tots Talent agency documents the journey of many talented child and even adolescent actors/actresses who all share one thing in common, to fulfill their dreams and live their lives to the fullest at the same time.

The child and adolescent actors and actresses face a turbulent time with many challenges coming from all directions, along their road to fame, glamour and success.

You also get a glimpse into how ultra-competitive this world is, when it comes to casting child actors for many of our favourite adverts and TV shows especially when the trend of cake smashing came to the UK. As it was a runaway success in America and judging by the likes on Instagram, Ornella was more popular than famous celebrities who had their photos taken by the same agency on their Instagram feed.

I feel amazed at how ambitious the parents are in this programme as you see the child actors reflecting many of the viewpoints and traits of their parents. The children try to inspire people with clever musings and rants on occasions which I thought was pretty good.

I also gained an interesting insight into the ambitions of child actors however one was rather repetitive, when she mentioned buying each person she can list a dog, who had to be prompted by her mum to stop.

It shows that child actors who are given the chance, get to experience lifestyles that are unthinkable for most children in the UK. The thing that stood out to me was how some of the parents went as far as sending copies of their unborn baby scans to the talent agency in the hope that they can secure their yet unborn children a place at the talent agency. This is rather strange as you can't be sure that a child will have a camera friendly face until they're born.

One of the highlights on this show, is the way Cenk's story was covered. It had many interesting events in his life that have led him to this point - such as meeting celebrities, impressing them at every turn and getting his album released for iCool Kid. I'm rather impressed with his maturity for his age as he recognises how lucky he is to be where he is, yet he always works hard to fulfil his dreams.

I would watch the show again, though certain elements seem rather repetitive. Especially the dialogue of the parents when it all centres around how the industry works and how challenging it is, I figured that out after the first 5 minutes into the show.