Join a bunch of successful entrepreneurs as they try to make a difference in struggling schools around the UK, in THE SECRET TEACHER.

These ‘made good’ moguls will go undercover as support staff to headhunt talented teenagers and give back to a system crumbling from a serious lack of TLC from the government. After six weeks, they will reveal their identities and indeed who they are willing to splash some cash on.


In this episode, we join ex-navy man and ‘excluded’ entrepreneur Paul Rowlett. Paul is the owner of a multi-millionaire branding franchise and has clear about his own journey which took him from poverty to prosperity. We see Paul roll up- Chauffer in tow at Haleybury Turnford Secondary school in South England.

Here, Paul AKA ‘Mr Williams’ will embark on his mission to save a lucky few from a chronic epidemic of apathy during exam season. The school buildings are not the only thing that are looking out of sorts - Paul is soon to discover a widespread lack of self-confidence amongst the pupils.

This episode contains some real tear jerkers - you’ve been warned. Keep a hanky handy!

You will also be privy to a school spat, a side business who trade in sweets and a class so big that it would make the toughest of teachers turn blue.

If you’ve ever breathed anywhere near a school today, you will know about the whole plethora of issues facing almost all of them now. Unfortunately, schools and the overall education system have been in the government’s firing line for quite some time now.

Despite the bleak prospects facing teachers, the children are feeling it the most. This was incredibly apparent in this documentary. A decaying building, a class of sixty and a quick turn around of teachers is something that was unheard of a few years back.

Haleybury Turnford is hardly unique today. This programme is worth a watch and is especially eye-opening if you’re unaware of the issues facing both schools and students alike.

The million dollar (or pound) question is, will there be a happy ending at Haleybury Turnford High? Hop onto All 4 and find out!