It appears that Sweet Dee has stumbled out of Paddy’s Pub and managed to drunkenly stagger all the way from Philadelphia to Greenwich, Connecticut. At least that’s what fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia might think, when they first see Kaitlin Olson’s show THE MICK.

THE MICK begins with Kaitlin Olson’s newest hard-drinking, irresponsible, unsuccessful character, Mickey, travelling to a function that is being held at the home of her wealthy sister.


Although the main purpose of Mickey’s visit is to ask her sister (Tricia O'Kelley) for money, Olson’s character is also happy about getting a chance to get drunk for free.

Just as Mickey is in the middle of telling her sister about an opportunity to invest in the future, or in other words, trying to convince her sister to give her money so she can continue her lazy, self-indulgent, degenerate lifestyle, the FBI busts into the backyard and arrests both Mickey’s sister and Mickey’s brother-in-law (Laird Macintosh) for financial fraud. This leaves Mickey’s niece and two nephews without parents to care for them. Much to Mickey’s vexation, this turn of events forces her to take on a new job as this generation’s Fran Drescher (a nanny).

Despite the plot similarities between The Mick and the 90’s sit-com that made Fran Drescher a household name, this show will be much more appealing to fans of delectably obscene comedies like The League and Dice than it will be to fans of The Nanny. This is a show that will keep fans of raunchy humour consistently entertained while keeping those who long for the days of more wholesome television consistently uneasy.

Dresher’s iconic character might have been intrigued by Mickey’s style of taking care of children. Mary Poppins, upon setting foot in the house, probably would have secretly replaced the children’s medicine with poison and then consumed some of that poison herself, after the children were dead, to save both herself and the children from being anywhere close to a “nanny” like Mickey.

If there were awards that were given to actors on the basis of how similar a character that they portray on one programme is to a character that they portray on another programme, Kaitlin Olson would run out of places to put such awards thanks to her roles as Mickey Molng on The Mick and Dee Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

However, viewers who tune into The Mick looking to enjoy a crass, sharp-witted comedy will not be disappointed.

- Watched on Paramount. 16/10/2018