THE HIT LIST is the new prime-time Saturday night music quiz on BBC1. Husband and wife Rochelle (The Saturdays) and Marvin Humes (JLS) present this fun contemporary spin on ‘Name that tune’.

Three pairs of contestants’ battle it out to guess song titles and artists from music clips. Hoping ultimately that they will win £10.000.


Saturday night TV is often disappointing, so I was looking forward to watching The Hit List. As a lover of music, with an eclectic taste, I was relishing something which would test my knowledge. The music clips in The Hit List were a mixture of retro and more up to date hits.

It is a fast paced and at times comical show; due to the banter between the hosts.

The contestants were clearly very knowledgeable about music and would no doubt prove at asset to any pub quiz team. There was Jason and Jasmine (Father and Daughter) who raced ahead and had no trouble getting through the 1st round. The second pair was Glen and Christopher (Friends) who seemed to be the ones who would also get through. However, Fran and Danielle who initially looked clueless staged an amazing comeback and got through to round 2 instead.

The second round involved the pairs choosing categories, which were vague and did not give much away regarding the music clip which would follow. Unsurprisingly Jason and Jasmine won this round and went on to the final round.

The final round was a quick fire round. The contestants had to name ten songs/artists against the clock. They had the option to skip tracks they were unsure of, or risk guessing a song that maybe they were unsure of. It was a nail biting round, which ended with the pair winning a decent sum of money.

The Hit List is fun and entertaining in its own way. It is not as good as shows such as ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, but it was OK. If you enjoy the likes of Pointless and have a good knowledge of music, then the show will not disappoint. The time slot is when shows such as ‘who dares wins’ would previously have been shown.

Nick Knowles is undoubtedly a much better presenter. However Rochelle and Marvin are quite good and seemed to have a good dynamic going.

All in all it was OK family entertainment for a Saturday night and I will probably watch it again.

- You can catch up on BBC iPlayer.