SWIPE RIGHT FOR MURDER is a reality crime programme from Really, based in the world of online dating.


If you’re old-school, being more used to meeting someone in a bar and having to shout over the music that yes, you like pizza, and no, you don’t come here often - then putting your profile online where it can be seen by up to 91 million people worldwide may seem mindboggling. However this is the future and how modern-style dating is done.

Most meetings arranged through online dating go the usual way – you either fall in love and live happily ever after, or you don’t. It’s rare that it ends in murder.

Sadly, Nadine Aburas met a very rotten apple in the form of Sammy Almahri. Her tragic fate is played out via CCTV images, recorded phone calls and dignified interviews with her family and the police.

Nadine lived in Cardiff. She was beautiful, intelligent and a talented artist, with aspirations of being an architect. She had been single for a while after her first marriage ended, and she wanted to meet someone who would complement her and support her dreams. After her mother set her up on a dating website, Nadine soon received a lot of attention. However, it was Almahri who really caught her eye. He was based in New York, and seemed confident and successful. She contacted him, and so it began.

Over the next few months their relationship grew. The first warning sign should have been when he started sending her presents such as a laptop, and offering to sponsor her through college – bear in mind this is before they even met. There are so many red flags in the story of this relationship: the countless phone calls at all hours of the day; the fight when Nadine went to visit Almahri in New York leaving her eyes blackened, her body bruised and the threat of blackmail with intimate photographs.

Yet despite all of this, Nadine agreed to meet up with Almahri to finally call it off just before the end of December 2014. CCTV footage follows them as they meet up for a meal, then enter Almahri’s room at a nearby hotel. Hours later, the hotel receives a phone call from a calm-sounding male to say that a young woman has killed herself in room 203. That woman, of course, is Nadine Aburas.

SWFM left a lot of questions unanswered. Why did Nadine ever arrange to meet again with Almahri, a truly nasty piece of work? What happened in the time between her going to meet him for one last time, and their going into the hotel together? Unfortunately we will never know what Nadine was thinking, as she paid the price for simply being too trusting.

The most enduring message from Swipe Right For Murder is, don’t believe everything what you read online. If Mr or Ms Right sound too good to be true, then then they probably are.


- Aired on Really, November 16 2017 at 22:00.