SHOP SMART is a no-nonsense show, full of cash saving tips and tricks; shedding light on the myriad of deals and offers available to consumers.

How can we save money, whilst still eating healthily? Consumers are ultimately feeling the pinch , what with food prices rising by 2.7%; and so it is not surprising that programmes promising to save us money are now all the rage.


Gaby Roslin and Fiona Phillips present this three part series , set in a Yorkshire shopping center; exploring consumer habits, whilst offering up many useful hints and tips on saving money.

Shop Smart: Save Money, is an ambitious and entertaining show, which is fast paced and full of loads of interesting facts. However, I personally prefer the BBC’s Eat Well for Less show. Gaby and Fiona unfortunately don't seem to have the same level of banter as Greg and Chris. Shop Smart has an undeniably different format. The show flits back and forth between set segments, designed to keep the audience watching until the end.

In the first Episode we are introduced to Andy Webb (Blogger, Journalist and Trainer on all things money and consumer), who has the unenviable task of trying to come up with ways of saving Rakesh and Sophie (from Birmingham) £1000 a year. This young couple  are saving to move to a bigger property with their 2 year old son.  Incredibly, Andy does manage to show them a whopping saving; should they choose to implement the changes he recommends.

My favourite part of the episode was presented by Alexis Conran (Actor, Writer and TV Presenter); who was epic in The Real Hustle. This part of the show entitled The Chip Challenge, spotlighted MacDonald's; and investigated whether their customers really do get value for money. As shown in the video below, it would seem that it is very much pot luck what consumers get. MacDonald's customers voice their understandable displeasure and frustration at the lack of chips.

We are also introduced to a Family of six who are far from smart shoppers, with a whopping £260 a week average spend on food ( over three times the national average ). A self-confessed family of fussy eaters, who enlist the help of  food blogger twins JoeLisa and bargainista Kelly; to save them money and get them eating better .Their challenge is to compete to find nutritious, healthy and budget saving meals that all the family will eat.

We are also given many useful hints and tips on savvy shopping. Such as “never walk past a yellow sticker shelf without looking", as there are bargains aplenty (especially if you know when Supermarkets reduce their produce!).

It would also seem that "there are no rules" where retail prices are concerned; and that the big brands are not always more expensive, than the shop's own labelled goods. So as consumers we need to compare prices and be on the lookout for those bargains.

Shop Smart: Save Money is overall an enjoyable, informative and well laid out show.

- Watched on Channel 5. 06/06/2018