This might sound familiar, but no its not ITV’s ‘Love Island’. It’s Channel 4’s attempt at err… something similar, but on a ship. It’s SHIPMATES.

In Shipmates you can find your dose of Sun, Sex and Stephen Mangan (yes, you heard me) for your summer fix. Watch as two teams of friends fight and flirt to win a once in a lifetime trip to Backpacker’s paradise, Bali. Both teams must convince the other 1500 party animals on the cruise ship (Vision of the Seas) that they are the party monarchy.


In this weeklong contest they will rely on votes in order to win each challenge. If that wasn’t already enough to grapple with, both teams have to choose a Saboteur ‘Stowaway’ to cramp the others’ style. In this spicy but morally bankrupt episode you will see dancing, debauchery, tears and tantrums, all against the backdrop of the beautiful Cannes water.

You will go on an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows and hangovers from hell, as you tag along with the teams’ frantic efforts to bag Bali. There is no shortage of drama in his episode, but there does seem to be a dramatic shortage of clothing. No one seems to be wearing a lot so one can only assume their luggage was thrown overboard.

If all these things appeal to you, then this is your jam. For boring people like myself then this was nothing other than just another mind-numbing and self-indulgent reality TV spiel. However, if you’re looking for a pick-me-up then this will provide you with your fix.

I found this to be an interesting watch but as a spectator of society; think David Attenborough in the jungle. As a social experiment, it is fascinating to see what people will do when both a prize and five minutes of fame are on the horizon. Whilst it is all a bit of light-hearted fun, I feel that there is lurking something dark under the heat of the summer sun.

As with all reality TV shows of this calibre, contestants will not stop at anything in order to win a prize. Friends collide, relationships breakdown and fake ones are created in the name of a ‘game’.

However funny it can all be, it is shocking to see how quickly some people are willing to forfeit their core values to that god, ’The Game’. If you are familiar with William Golding’s ‘Lord of The Flies’, then you know it is just a matter of time...

- You can catch up on All4.