It’s the ‘90s and SCHOOLED’s Lainey Lewis is being forced to adjust to her new life as a music teacher.

Unfortunately, Lainey seems to be having as hard of a time adjusting to her new job as Metallica did adjusting to a world in which people can download music from the Internet.


When this spinoff of The Goldbergs begins we see Lainey right after she has decided to return to her hometown due to the fact that she has failed to achieve stardom (or even moderate success) as a musician. She settles for a job as a music teacher at her old high school. It’s a job that she is barely qualified to do.

Unsurprisingly, Lainey decides to go full Dewey Finn (Jack Black) from School of Rock and tries to be one of those cool, unconventional teachers that we often see in movies and on television. Instead of making her students perform their traditional doo-wop concert she decides to let them put on a grunge show. This decision does cause things to get a bit out of hand, but at least Lainey does not give any of her students permission to use heroin or commit suicide while in her classroom.

Those who can appreciate the intelligent comedy and heartfelt tone of a show like The Goldbergs, Fresh Off The Boat or Modern Family will enjoy Schooled.

AJ Michalka’s portrayal of a free-spirited rebel who is going through the painful process of being domesticated by her old school/current employer will keep viewers amused as they root for her to succeed.

The show’s debut episode focuses not only on Lainey but also on Coach Mellor. Mellor (Bryan Callen) is the school’s basketball coach and is also having a hard time adjusting to certain new realities. Although the coach’s storyline provides a few laughs, he is not nearly as interesting of a character as Lainey.

Hopefully, in future episodes, we will see new significant characters get introduced or see characters that are currently present get developed further.

Schooled is not one of the best new programmes on television. It will not fill the hole that was left in the heart of any lover of comedy when Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ended. However, it is massively better than laugh track-laden garbage such as The Big Bang Theory and Fuller House.

In the United States, our culture seems to develop a fondness for whatever decade we were living in 20 years before the year in which we currently live. Perhaps this is true in other countries as well. So if all of the currently available docu-series on the ‘90s and the plethora of reboots of ‘90s telly shows are not enough to satisfy your yearning to feel transported back to that era then check out Schooled. Do it quickly, before this year ends and your nostalgia for the ‘90s gives way to nostalgia for the 2000s.

- Watched on E4. 06/03/2019