Love spending cash? Well you may have something in common with the men and women appearing on RICH KIDS OF INSTAGRAM. This new show examines what the young rich of the world use their money on, and it’s embarrassing.



Through the series we will meet a lot of the RICH KIDS OF INSTAGRAM, who live the high life. If you don’t agree with spineless spending, then you probably will want to move away from the television when it appears every Monday at 9PM on E4.

The first kid we meet is Emir Bahadir, a 24 year old who is heir to a property empire who states that “10,000 is not a major shopping day.” His dog (Boss) always seems to have the same unhappy expression, whatever he’s doing. From going onto private jets to getting massages, he looks hilarious alongside Emir trying to be cool! Maybe I just don’t like bulldogs? Does the real estate wannabe even use Instagram on this show? I am not so sure.

Next up is Iman Lopez, a 24 year old Spanish designer who founded the 3prive fashion label. She has her own personal stylish and says her social media image portrays, “a glamorous woman, who works hard and plays hard.” She certainly plays hard, splashing out on a £100,000 yacht party!

I think Iman comes across the most decent person to appear on the show. Though she names herself the boss of gold-diggers, which is hardly classy. It’s quite funny watching Lopez trying to get the perfect picture when leaving a venue. Her personal assistant Marina gets lost in the desert and fails to turn up for an important meeting, so gets a stern telling off from the designer.

Adil and Jack Watkin are so far from reality, it is confusing to watch. Adil shows off his family’s fleet of cars from a Range Rover Autobiography to a Rolls Royce Wraith. He has his own car (Bentley Mulsanne) but is too young to drive, so has his own chauffeur. Meanwhile 17 year old Jack doesn’t feel like shopping for clothes or games, but fancies a quick flutter on the cars (what?). They visit a Rolls Royce showroom and claim that the Phantom Drophead Coupe price tag of “£420,000 is a good price.” I mean are they completely deluded?

The final person to appear is Christopher, a 29 year old from Miami. We meet his friend Alec and girlfriend Anna. He proclaims that he can “make £10,000 a month on Instagram easily” by taking photographs of expensive items. Sometimes he receives social media hate, but proclaims that “all activity is good activity.”

I must admit, I struggle to see the point of this new series. Why Instagram? It mentions it on like five occasions but that is it. The show doesn’t really explain the lifestyles of these people (especially Adil and Jack), nor does it explain their feelings or aspirations. We learn that they struggle to find friends and relationships, but it would have been nicer to dig deeper.

RICH KIDS OF INSTAGRAM was at times frustrating to watch. It’s a slight mix of bragging, delusion and partying which makes all involved come across as having no real personality.

- Aired on E4, July 4 2016 at 21:00. Available on All4