Aggressive reporting and Hectic schedules! THE FOURTH ESTATE is an insightful look at the aftermath of one of America’s most shocking election results in history.

An election result that shocked the world! The New York Times shows how it is coming to terms with something truly unprecedented. The Media got it wrong!


Episode One covers the 1st 100 days of the Trump administration. We are introduced to some of the major players in this busy media outlet. They show us how every word which comes out of the White House is dissected. The cut and thrust of getting the latest big scoop before their rivals.

I found it interesting to learn more about the Conspiracy theory surrounding Trump’s rise to power.  Reporters it would seem, have to go to great lengths to get a good story.

The NYT admitted that they held back on the conspiracy story; due to a lack of supporting evidence. A story that ultimately, had it broke prior to the election; could have affected the outcome of the election (who knows).

President Trump’s relationship with the press has changed very quickly since he entered the White House. We are shown a clip of his 1st congressional address in which he clearly proclaims war on the media, stating "The Media did not think we would win”  “News does not tell the truth. Has no sources, makes things up…we are fighting fake news…they are the enemy of the people”. Like or loathe Trump, it is not difficult to sympathise with some of what he says.

We also see James Comey (the then Head of the FBI), admitting that the FBI is investigating  a possible collusion between Russian intelligence and Trumps’ campaign aides. I cannot help wondering though, if people are just trying to find something (anything) to explain how on earth Trump got into power.

Whilst watching the programme you do get a sense that the media do not like Trump, are looking for stories to paint him in the worst light possible; and that Trump himself does not do himself any favours by some of the things he says (such as Tweeting that Obama tapped his phone).

Trump doesn’t like anyone who disagrees with him, and indeed has had a shockingly high number of departures in his administration already (You’re Fired! where have we heard him say that before?).

An interesting programme which shows the workings of a leading media outlet; showing the hustle and bustle of the race to get a story out there, but also still showing a human side to those reporting on one of the most controversial and unexpected world leaders of our time. Also snap shots of how a changing world, social media and 24/7 access to online news stories; is affecting the media, causing agencies to have to rethink and downsize their organisations.

- Watched on BBC Two. 24/06/2018