The newest original series from Cinemax. QUARRY tells the story of a Vietnam veteran (played by Logan Marshall-Green) dealing with the problems a lot of men returning to the States did after their tours overseas: PTSD, trouble finding employment, alcoholism, drug use and unfaithful spouses.


The main character Mac Conway (nicknamed "Quarry" later in the episode), was involved in a major traumatic event during his time in Vietnam, which began making news before his return home.

Upon his retuen home, Mac and Arthur get caught up in a contract killing plot, led by a man named The Broker. Arthur is killed during his first contract, and Mac is left to take up the new job, as Arthur owed The Broker $30,000.

Mac also discovers that his wife has been cheating on him, with the same man that Mac is contracted to kill. Mac finds him in his auto garage and kicks the jack out from under the car, crushing the man. His initial reluctance to take the job is overtaken by his grief at the discovery of his wife's infidelity, paired with his already fragile mental state from his well-documented PTSD. The loss of his best friend and now wife will surely push Mac over the edge, enabling him to continue his impending assassin career.

I really enjoyed this first episode. I was a huge fan of Banshee, another Cinemax series that saw it's series finale earlier this year, as well as Outcast (though I had my issues with that one). Cinemax has really gotten into a nice groove of original content over the past few years, airing gritty, dark, and well-written series.

Quarry surely seems to be following that trend. I loved the characters, finding them very engaging and interesting. Watching Mac basically lose everything, including his mind, was captivating and left me wanting more.

The plot line is crazy and should be a lot of fun to follow throughout the season. I honestly have no idea where they can take this series, though I know the series is based off of a novel which has also spawned other films about it.


- Aired on Sky Atlantic, December 21 2016 at 21:00.