PROJECT BLUE BOOK is based on a real-life study of the same name, investigating UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

We begin in 1952 where academic Dr J Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) is called upon to debunk the supernatural- as Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarky) says, it’s just a string of explainable phenomena. Hynek begins to think that something supernatural really is going on and he’ll use his science to prove it.


In this first episode, a pilot Fuller claims to have lost control of his plane when he sees a mysterious glow in the sky. Quinn reckons it’s juat a weather balloon but the science just doesn’t add up for Hynek. And now Hynek’s seeing the same shadowy figure that Fuller saw.

Of course, there’s quite a few shades of The X Files here, so the senior Air Force personnel puffing away at their cigarettes urge Quinn to get the whole business cleared up as soon as possible - could this be a conspiracy? I reckon so, particularly after the end of episode 1.

Gillen is well cast- there’s a boyish twinkle in his eyes, under the stuffy academic persona.

The spouting of technical talk is probably of more interest to some viewers than to others - obviously it’s based on a real-life academic study but the programme makers need to find a way to make the science more exciting

Tied to the fact that it’s based on real-life events, the show is quite low-key but hopefully it’s just a slow burner.

I am a sucker for period drama though so lapped up the external scenes as Hynek’s wife Mimi (Laura Mennell) makes a new charismatic friend at the department store, Susie (Ksenia Solo). After all, Hynek is wrapped up in his studies - he’s not quite neglecting his wife but I have a feeling he’ll become completely sucked in.

That’s the main problem here - it’s quite predictable, feeling like The X Files-lite.

Should you enjoy historical science fiction, you’ll find this entertaining enough to fill the hole. I’m willing to give episode 2 a chance.

- Watched on Syfy. 27/03/2019