If you like your reality TV mixed with a little rap or hip-hop, then you’ll love THE PLATINUM LIFE. I’m a rock chick myself, but I found myself getting drawn into this programme which follows seven strong, beautiful women who are heavily involved in the US music scene.


Asiah, Crystal, La’Myia, Nazanin, Lola, Shantel and Alycia are all introduced as being the wife/girlfriend/ex of a number of successful music stars, and not what they are in their own right – writers, artists, producers and philanthropists. This is probably the only jarring note in what, for me, is going to be a surprising must-see.

The ladies and their partners have worked their backsides off to make it in the savage and fickle music industry, coming up from the ‘hood to be where they are today with all the trappings of an affluent lifestyle – the houses, clothes, and handbags. But does this make them happy? Despite their success and sheer gorgeousness, it seems that they have the same problems and insecurities as we all do.

Part of the trouble with being involved with a famous rap star is having to deal with the would-be side chicks, booty ho’s and baby mamas that may be lurking in the sidelines. Alycia finished with her man, Ti$, because he sang about being ‘friendly’ with other women while his girlfriend was unaware, and she realised that the song reflected reality - oops.

Also, just because you’re famous doesn’t mean that your friendships are any less fragile. There is a running spat between Asiah and Crystal which features heavily in this episode. Asiah thinks that Crystal (who is married to Ne-Yo) was the result of his breaking up with his previous wife, and Asiah doesn’t like that. At ALL. If it was you or me, we would just meet up over a coffee or glass of wine and have it out, or just agree to never speak ever again. But no, this has been brewing and bubbling for a long time, and you just know it’s going to come to a head and explode.

When Crystal announces that Ne-Yo has secured tickets to the last night of Jennifer Lopez’s tour in Las Vegas, and that the girls are all invited, you would think that they’d be happy. But it clashes with a brunch that Asiah has organised. +

Now, if you were given the choice between going for lunch at the local Wetherspoons or having VIP tickets (free tickets at that) to see your favourite band EVER, what would you do? Precisely. Asiah is upset, but begrudgingly joins the rest of the ladies on the private jet taking them to Vegas.

It all comes to a head in the plane with Asiah and Crystal having the mother of all arguments at several thousand feet up. They continue sniping when they arrive at Crystal’s house in Vegas (“I’d have preferred a hotel”, sniffs Asiah). This is a higher quality of reality TV, and I have to say I’m hooked.


- Aired on E!, October 22 2017 at 22:00.