Just as PETER KAY'S CAR SHARE UNSCRIPTED started, I suddenly became aware that I felt nervous about what was to follow. I thought I was either going to love it or hate this original concept of an episode having no script.

I am pleased to state that I absolutely loved it.  It was clever, it was enjoyable, but most of all it was funny.  It was like meeting up with two dear old friends that you hadn't seen for awhile.


Watching the friendly effortless banter between John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson), it was as comfortable as say putting on your favourite pair of slippers.

Bearing in mind that there was no script, what impressed me the most here was that none of the humour felt forced in any way.  There is nothing more irritating in life than listening somebody trying to be funny when they are blatantly not. There was none of that though. Throughout there was a lovely relaxed feel to the dialogue. Peter Kay and Sian Gibson have this unique on-screen chemistry together and so it is very easy to lose your suspension-of-disbelief when watching them together.

The dialogue and action could have stagnated without a script but it wasn't.  It was clever how there was always something motivating other funny comments from them.  This was done via particular tunes that came on the now famous Forever FM, adverts on the radio or things happening outside.  I never once sat there watching this feeling bored.

What I love about this show is how our two protagonists compliment each other so much, there isn't a 'straight man' in their relationship, both are funny.

I laughed out loud when Kayleigh did an impersonation of the singer Heather Small from the group M People. Another comedy highlight for me was when John admonished Kayleigh, for not knowing that there were four men in the vocal group the Four Tops.

In this age today of extreme political correctness, I found some on the non-political correctness stuff in this episode rather refreshing if I'm honest.  I'm talking about the dark humour where John told a funny anecdote about a car crash he'd once witnessed, together with the amusing transsexual 'your song' story.  It was like humour you know you shouldn't really be laughing at, however you just can't help yourself.

The editing was on point as usual, the eighties music gave us great nostalgia once again and the acting throughout was first class.  As the ending credits rolled, I had this massive beaming smile written across my face.  Nothing had irritated me in this unscripted episode like I feared it might at the start.

After seeing this unique episode, Peter Kay's Car Share remains the best British sit-com since The Office in my opinion. It was so good to see it back on the telly and be invited into the lives of John and Kayleigh once again.  It is feel good telly and I greatly look forward to seeing the new last ever episode soon. Improvised brilliance for me, sit-coms don't get much better than this!

- Aired on BBC1, May 7 2018.