OUTRAGEOUS STUNTS is an enjoyable watch, but it is inadvisable to try the stunts at home.

This is the show to watch if you like seeing people do dangerous stunts. I would be too scared to attempt any of the stunts shown.


People from all around the world are shown performing their dance with danger. For example, one man attempts to jump the Brighton pier, while he is windsurfing. Another group of daredevils tried to jump cars in a canoe.

The stunts seem silly and random. However, curious people will wonder if the impossible can be possible.

Outrageous Stunts also brings science into the equation. Physicists state their opinion on whether a stunt is scientifically possible or not. In my opinion, it is unclear whether the people performing the stunts are experts in science. They do not take health and safety into account either. The stuntmen do hurt themselves in the riskier stunts. For example, one man breaks his hand.

I was fine with the format of the show. The stunts are shown, narrated by a guy trying to be funny. Then, some of the stunt performers are interviewed.

It was interesting to learn more about the actual people doing the stunts. Surprisingly, many of the stuntmen/stuntwomen were very sane.

Nevertheless, I do think that some of the stunts were too silly. For example, the surfing sofa stunt, which provided the commentator with the opportunity to make a joke.

A few of the stunts were genuinely impressive. The stunt involving a person spinning their scooter around in mid-air, and then landing safely was impressive. I was also impressed by the strong woman, who was able to lift two men at the same time.

I mostly enjoyed Outrageous Stunts. However, I found some of the stunts were just random clips of people doing stupid things. One hopes that the stunts will become more impressive as the series progresses.

- Watched on 5Spike. 10/07/2018