After watching 'Banshee' on Cinemax (US), I decided to give Outcast a try as well. The trailers looked very creepy, and being a big fan of The Walking Dead, seeing another show from Robert Kirkman intrigued me. After watching the first episode, I was not disappointed. This show had me feeling very anxious throughout.


The story starts off with a young boy named Joshua, mutilating and even cannibalizing himself. After some back story, we find out that he is indeed possessed by a demon, which seems to be prevalent in this world.


We are also introduced to a man named Kyle, whose mother was also possessed when he was a kid. Kyle is living alone in an unkempt home. We find out that his wife and daughter left him after an incident, as his foster sister is trying to help him.

Kyle hears about Joshua's situation and seeks out the town's reverend, whom Kyle knew as a boy from his mother's possession. Kyle and the reverend are able to combat the demon possessing Joshua after a few attempts, but the demon claims to know Kyle and his history.

The main plot of the season will seemingly be Kyle's struggle against the demonic forces that are possessing people, as well as his own personal demons.

The show was extremely creepy and unnerving. Watching Joshua mutilate himself during his possession was down-right disgusting and stomach-turning. I really enjoyed the show, being a supernatural horror fan.


I think that shows like this belong on stations like Cinemax due to their graphic nature. While I don't need to see what could be construed as porn during a TV show, I feel like basic cable channels are held back on the content they are allowed to show. Cinemax and stations like it have a real opportunity to put out high quality programming that could eventually get them more renowned properties. I mean, could you imagine The Walking Dead on Cinemax? It would be insane.

- Aired on FOX, June 7 2016 at 22:00. Available on FoxNow