THE MISADVENTURES OF ROMESH RANGANATHAN is a disappointingly predictable programme, showing yet another comedian travelling to some of the most beautiful, but dangerous, places in the world.

Akin to other shows, such as "Ed’s Great Big Adventure” and the “Slow Train through Africa”, currently on UK TV.


In Episode 1 we see Romesh and his guide (local Journalist Jeremy Dupin), visit Haiti. Their mission is to explore the real culture, people and poverty which exists in Haiti today.

I found this programme to be a real eye opener, especially when Romesh visited the slums of Cité Soleil.  We saw how visibly shocked Romesh was by the shocking conditions and violence, that exists in an Island nation with the potential to be a paradise.

The comedic aspect of the programme seems to be lacking. However that may be due to Ramesh’s humour which I did not particularly warm to.

I am not sure if the whole voodoo ritual scene was meant to be funny, but it wasn’t. In fact I found it beyond bizarre and could not see the purpose of it. Ramesh holding chickens and women prancing around - yet it wasn’t made clear what it was all for.

Romesh comes across as crass and insincere throughout. He claims that he is scared by the voodoo figures that he sees. However I just did not feel convinced that he was atcually scared.

One major criticism I have of this show, is that I found the comments made about Haiti's non-existent tourism very misleading. It was odd that barely a mention was made to Haiti's colonial and slavery history.  This programme seems to have you believe, that the nation's poverty and lack of tourism is merely the result of the natural disasters of 2010. However the reality is that although the aftermath of the Earthquake and Hurricane has not helped the Haitian people at all; they were already very much in poverty prior to that.

It is extremely sad that Haiti has such potential, and yet it is unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon.  Other reviews of the show ask if the World has got it wrong about Haiti. No the World can only go by what it is told about Haiti; much of which is not the whole truth. Unfortunately programmes like this only help to sweep slavery and colonialism under the carpet.

The Midadventures of Romesh Ranganathan is a really humbling show, which makes me grateful for what I have.

- Watched on BBC2. 01/07/2018