Running a farm can be a lonely experience and with not many chances to go out into the dating scene, 8 farmers have enlisted the help of BBC2’s LOVE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE.

Sara cox presents the new dating show where we meet the 'rural romantics’ looking for love.


They all had dating profiles set up for them where sheep-loving singles could check them out and write a letter if they were interested.

The farmers then all met up for an extremely cheesy ‘letters day’ where they got to find out how much interest their online profiles got. They each received a box (which had cows on the front, obviously) with handwritten letters from people interested in their profiles. They then picked who to meet up with.

The show stealing rural romantic was Pete, a 52 year old divorced farmer from Yorkshire. Despite making various comments comparing women to cows, he received a lot of interest in his profile.
One which sparked Pete’s interest was from 36 year old Francesca (no, she doesn’t look like a cow). Pete took one look at her …face *cough, cough* and Francesca immediately ended up on the definite pile.

But it was the contents of the letter that sparked interest as Francesca swooned over Pete’s ‘round, masculine features’ as she ‘seals the letter with a kiss’ and apologised for the wet paper as she had just come out of the shower ‘and my hair was dripping wet as I wrote’. Cringe.

The farmers then had a speed dating event, The Batchelor style, with the city hopefuls vying for attention. This was really prominent during 25 year old farmer Ed’s speed dating event as the camera panned to each woman’s hurt and disgruntled faces as they were told how well his other dates had gone. One particular daters facial expressions when she realised others had received compliments, when she had not was priceless.

The next episodes will show the potential farmer’s husbands and wives staying on the farm for them to try out rural life, and I must admit I’m looking forward to it.

While I do think the emphasis on cows every other word gets a bit tiresome, it’s nice to see a wholesome dating show the whole family can enjoy.

Captivating-wise, it’s no First Dates, and to be honest I’ll probably forget to watch it after a couple of episodes but I’m interested in what’s going to happen next.

- Aired on BBC2, May 2 2018.