How does it feel to be trapped in the wrong body? Or to have the person you love come out as being Transgender? LOST IN TRANSITION shows four couples grapple with mixed emotions, following unsuspected revelations that the men want to become women.

Relationships must be redefined, in what proves to be the most challenging period of their lives; with prejudices aplenty, how will these couples cope?


Lost in Transition is an interesting insight into the emotions, attitudes and perceptions surrounding Transgender and the lives it changes and affects.  Transgender, is something which has been around for many years; although the term has only been used for the last 40 or so years.

In the first episode, entitled Marriage Interrupted; Stacey and Les (Leslie), Cindy and Troy (Lucy) along with Jennifer and Larry (Lauren) share their stories. They show how there is varying degrees of tolerance and acceptance, in society; for a minority who have lived secret lives, too afraid to come out for fear of  losing  families, spouses, friends, jobs and lives as they know them. Recent equality laws have helped people feel a little more accepted; but it is still not a decision which people make lightly.

The show was good in highlighting how each individual’s experience of living a trans-life is entirely unique. I found myself drawn into the opposing emotions of each of the couples. It was easy to empathise with Cindy who admitted she wanted a man, but also didn’t want Troy to be miserable; which ultimately continual denial would lead to. In contrast, one could also empathise with Larry who had been through a lot emotionally, had attempted suicide and who despite his wife and children’s support; still had so much inner turmoil over wanting to transition to be a woman.

Shows like Lost in Transition, are much needed to pull the often forgotten and underrepresented component of the LGBT community into the spotlight; dispelling myths and helping to shift attitudes and create more acceptability in this marginalised community of people.

As a Christian, I struggle to understand why some people are unhappy with their given/ birth gender; however my faith teaches me to be tolerant of others, and to show compassion and understanding to all. These are often sentiments for which an increasingly secular society struggles with, preferring to judge others based on their standards and beliefs.

In episode 2, entitled Resistance and Acceptance, the show delves further into the prejudices of others affected by this often controversial life choice. How families, friends, work colleagues react; and the impact this inevitably has on the Transgender people themselves.

A really interesting, insightful show, which will help educate people and hopefully change perceptions. There needs to be more programs like this on TV!

See below a wonderful poem by Lee Mokobe, on what it feels like to be transgender...enjoy.

- Watched on TLC. 30/05/2018