LA's FINEST is one of the latest shows by Fox TV. It is a female-led spin-off of the hit films Bad Boys (1995) and Bad Boys II (2003).

LA's Finest follows the life of Marcus Burnett's sister, Sydney Burnett played by Gabrielle Union. We were first introduced to her character in Bad Boys II. Sydney was a DEA agent in Miami but left for Los Angeles to start a new role as a detective. She is partnered with detective Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba).


During the first episode the scene is quickly set with Burnett and McKenna on the road. They are making small talk and joking around when they enter a liquor store and start doing what they do best. It's a nice action packed opening scene with a very brilliant reference to Bad Boys. You just have to see it to appreciate it!

Sydney Burnett is street wise, tough, tomboy-esque and very complex. Although, she is very likeable and interesting. She is a bachelorette with a motorcycle, no partner or children. Nancy McKenna is a working mum with what appears to be a strong family unit. She's a smart, tough modern woman who loves her job. She also has an interesting past which manifests throughout the season.

The show is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer who is a movie producer heavy weight. He has produced blockbusters such as Armageddon (1998), Black Hawk Down (2001), Coyote Ugly (2000) Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) and of course Bad Boys (1995).

Personally, it's really great to see Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba working together. Both actresses are stunning and it's very interesting to see how they haven't aged; they look younger than most people in their late twenties! Fun fact, Union was already around 27 when she played a teen in Ten Things I Hate About You!

I do like both actresses and they have done many brilliant movies and shows that I loved growing up. Union was great in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) as Bianca Stratford's shallow best friend, she's also been in the hit cheerleader teen movie Bring it On (2000) and Think Like A Man (2012) a movie based on the novel by comedian, Steve Harvey. Alba first came on the scene for me with TV series, Dark Angel (2000) as Max Guevera; a kick ass generically-enhanced woman who grew up in a lab in the apocalyptic Pacific coast. Many will also know her as Susan Storm in the first Fantastic Four movie (2005).

The two characters have great on screen chemistry and have constant banter; something which we may be used to seeing between two male detectives like in the Lethal Weapon movies and of course Bad Boys. There hasn't really been a female duo since Cagney and Lacey (1981).

In saying that the male detective duos aren't absent from the show. Detectives Ben Baines (Duane Martin) and Ben Walker (Zach Gilford) otherwise known as the two Bens star as Burnett and McKenna's friendly rival male duos. They also have a good relationship and provide plenty of on screen banter as well.

Overall, even though LA's finest may be a bit transparent at times, it has some nice plot twists. The show has been somewhat criticised but one has to wonder what is expected of a cop TV series these days? What you see is what you get. It's action packed, full of talented actors and an entertaining watch as long as you don't expect too much.