Look inside one of London’s greatest and grandest hotels. INSIDE THE RITZ HOTEL shows the most exquisite, elegant and luxurious hotels I’ve ever had a glimpse at.

Situated at the edge of Green Park, not far from Buckingham Palace, the whole place seems a palace too and from a completely different era. You are first warmly welcomed by an extremely well-dressed man in a top hat as you step out of a Rolls Royce and walked through the revolving doors into pure paradise. The ceilings are high with gorgeous chandeliers and almost everything in sight is edged in gold.


The hotel holds 136 bedrooms, some of which are the finest (and most expensive) suites that come with your very own private butler. Despite modern hotels everywhere else, the Ritz prefers its many years of traditional ways. Such as providing feather filled pillows and making beds with blankets and sheets. Its whole appearance and approach are also highly traditional, with men in suits and porters waiting eagerly for customers.

The main thrill is not actually the rooms, surprisingly. It is actually the famous afternoon teas. Yes multiple afternoon teas, five in fact!

The kitchen is in the power of the extremely successful chef John Williams, who we see is highly dedicated to his job. Picture the most delicate macaroons, cake, scones and a pianist in the room playing away in the background.

It is the most perfect atmosphere, with your chair pulled back for you and champagne made specially for just this hotel! Everyone really does seem to be ‘treated like royalty’ here. Some people may love this sort of exceptional attention, but others may feel slightly overwhelmed at the extent of this. Nevertheless, the hotel is thriving in demand and success.

In the programme, narrated by James Carter, we get a quick look at how much effort is actually put into champagne making. Getting the absolute precise proportions of ingredients, tasting to check it tastes the best it possibly can, then storing it in a cellar for it to age for 4 whole years, sediment then taken out, the wine corked and stored again - a lot of effort!

A lot is packed into just half an hour of time, crammed with shots of the entrance, dining hall, bedrooms and more. Some of the staff have worked there for many years and I can see that they have such a lot of passion and enthusiasm fulfilling every customer’s wishes and needs. You get lost in this different world that time seems to speed by and then it’s a whole week to wait until the next episode!

I will certainly watch the remaining three episodes to see what more this truly beautiful place has to offer. It’s highly engaging and I feel very interested hearing about places too pricey for me to go myself, as I still get an ‘experience’ just seeing what goes on inside from a TV.

Even in this introductory episode, we are in awe and disbelief of the historic and important hotel.

- You can catch up on ITV Hub.