Eight celebrity pensioners, grapple with modern gadgetry in HARD TO PLEASE OAPs - a new six-part series, narrated by Jennifer Saunders.

The celebrities include jungle king Harry Redknapp, soap royalty June Brown, Amanda Barrie and Lionel Blair.


This isn’t a review show but there’s comedy for everyone. The grandkids can enjoy old people trying to keep up with the modern world (although Harry Redknapp does have an Alexa) and their elders can smile as the many downsides to these supposedly-useful equipment are revealed.

One of the highlights of the programme is when Michael Whitehall (comedian Jack Whitehall’s dad) and June Brown (who I can’t believe is now 92) try to communicate with Alexa, unaware that you have to use her name before giving a command.

The two of them get the last laugh though as June repeatedly asks Alexa for scone recipes and Alexa ‘helpfully’ keeps offering recipes like chicken stew. Siri refuses to understand any of my commands so I know the feeling. Furbies speak with more sense than Alexa but I suppose they can’t turn your lights on and off. Apparently by 2021, 1.8 billion people will be using virtual digital assistants.

With slightly more success, John Sergeant takes Hi-De-Hi actress and Ruth Madoc for a spin in a car of the future - controllable through your smartphone. Perhaps not too far from the future of flying cars that Harry envisages.

The only downside was that the programme is focused on very mobile OAPs so neglects to mention the obvious benefits of Alexa for some elderly people, in that someone who is less mobile might appreciate being able to play music without having to get up and walk to a CD player.

Each episode is only 30 minutes- the perfect length for a silly programme that is sensibly sceptical of a robot future.

- Watched on ITV. 09/04/2019