I don’t think C4 ever imagined that Googlebox would outperform other television shows when it first launched in 2013. Many onlookers thought it was a crazy idea. Yet in 2015, it was doing so well that they launched a Christmas junior version named GOOGLESPROGS. The one off got a decent audience and the six-part series got a green light.


The kids are now reviewing the shows! GOGGLESPROGS gives a much needed refresh to the series, as Gogglebox is now up to Season 8. The eighth is yet to be announced by the channel, but many expect it to be on our television by next year (or sooner).


The show introduced numerous cast members throughout; with The Undateables being the first featured programme (Tom with Tourette syndrome meets Megan). 10 year old Tanya was quick to criticise the first date selection, “Well he took her to a local pub. That ain’t a good start.”

One of my favourite quotes came from eight year old Stephanie, as they watched The Mad World of Donald Trump. It shows Trump beating up somebody on WWE, Stephanie not realising it’s a wrestling show, quips up with “He just hit that poor man.” Bless!

For me Ashton (aged 10) stood out throughout with his innocent remarks. During a scene on Donald Trump, he remarks, “We only have the Queen, and she makes the best decisions!” In Top Gear, he’s annoyed by Chris Evans – “oh no, not that nutter.”

During Human Planet, Jacob thought the children looked like him. He exclaims “The clothes they are wearing, they don’t look like hunters; they look more like children” Conor agreed, “I don’t think they are wearing suitable clothing.” If only the children on their TV sets had a choice.

The cast members all watched two films. Twilight wasn’t well received by all, Edie announcing, “How could you be in love with a vampire who may kill you at any second? This is the worst film.” Mamma Mia was the right choice to finish the show, with many of the kids dancing and singing along. Toby aged 11 had one thing to say, “How many times did they do dot dot dot? Surely it’s not healthy to do that many times”.

GOGGLESPROGS made me laugh a number of times, it shows a more innocent and honest approach, something that Gogglebox rarely offers. I think the show could have displayed the kids names more, as I struggled to keep up.

- Aired on Channel 4, June 17 2016 at 21:00. Available on All4