GET A HOLIDAY BODY brand-new programme was a delight to watch. In the first episode, we are introduced to two celebrities, who must take on a challenge to try and loose a stone in 4 weeks.

The challenge involves both adopting a balanced diet and increased physical activity.


The celebrities who are taking part are Antony Costa, from the band Blue, and Zoe Birkett, a star from musical theatre. Their aim is to take steps to achieve a beach-ready body within 4 weeks. The programme starts with the celebrities being weighed. Costa weighed in at 13 stone and 7 lbs. Birkett weighed in at 11 stone and 8 lbs. The introduction to the programme was useful in establishing what both Antony and Zoe wanted to achieve after 4 weeks.

I enjoyed the way Get a Holiday Body was narrated by journalist, Nicky Taylor, who also is taking part in the challenge. He narrated the first episode well, using a friendly informal style of narration.

Many of the facts stated in the programme even surprised me. For example, I had no idea that overeating carbohydrates at dinner time is not good for the body. Maybe I need to re-think my diet slightly. I found the programme informative and easy to follow.

I also found it interesting that the programme reveals that Antony Costa eats too much junk food, and that Zoe Birkett has a weakness for chocolate. The nutritionist makes it clear that the diet plan is to eat a balanced healthy diet, without buying expensive obscure ingredients.


Get a Holiday Body, aims to be an accessible show, encouraging the audience to join in the challenge. Although, there is a disclaimer warning people to check with there doctor first; before making any radical changes to your diet or fitness regime.

There were many funny moments in the opening episode. The funniest moment being ‘wrapgate’. Antony Costa thought it would be a good idea to exercise on an empty stomach. Afterwards he wished that he had eaten the wrap he had made first. It just goes to show that even famous people can make simple mistakes. Both Zoe and Antony appear to be easy-going people who are determined to stick to their strict diet and fitness plan.

The first episode of Get a Holiday Body was surprisingly a good watch. TV shows relating to celebrity lifestyle are not usually the kind of shows that I enjoy watching. However, this programme surpassed my expectations.

The first episode was both educational and humorous. There were lots of useful tips given about how to plan your meals, including how to eat a balanced diet. Moreover, it is good that the diet prescribed in this show does not involve starving yourself.

- Watched on Channel 5. 07/06/2018