Employable Me documents the challenges and situations that people with disabilities face when looking for work and keeping a job.

The barriers people face with neurological conditions and hidden disabilities are much more pervasive and significant than politicians, health care workers and the general public realise. This show isn't just about focusing on the challenges of disability which is important here but to show a way forward to address the challenges and improve understanding about what life is like for people who don't get as much representation in society as they should.

I face many of the issues myself as I have autism and personally look forward to the day when employers finally look past the labels and give people a chance of paid employment on an equal basis compared to non-disabled, more socially connected peers.

This programme did a lot of things very well. The way it portrayed the challenges of people with Tourette's syndrome (Paul) and autism (Brett) was generally very even and followed up with clear explanations regarding particular traits of each condition by clarifying that the more extreme form of Tourette's syndrome causes explosive outbursts, not just the usual profanity and involuntary ticks.

I was quite encouraged to see that both jobseekers sought the help from professionals such as Simon Baron Cohen who carries out leading research on autism and what can be done to improve accessibility and life opportunities for them.

I'm impressed with how helpful and receptive the employers were for the man with autism as communication is very hard. I do feel sorry for Paul more, as he wasn't successful with most prospective employers until he discovers a creative side and becomes successful at selling photos he takes for other companies. This goes to show that if you're disabled and creative, the world will be more challenging but not deny you opportunity.

As a young man with autism all I'm asking from people is to understand everybody, accept everybody and give them a chance in life to get paid employment and the same life chances as everyone else in society on an equal basis like they did on Employable Me.