Is love blind? What happens when you get to know someone without knowing what they look like? DATING IN THE DARK is an interesting experiment in whether personality trumps looks… contestants are thrown into a dark room to date; a recipe for disaster or a roaring success? Then throw in an extra woman just to make things interesting.

The format of Dating in the Dark is similar to other dating shows I have watched, such as Beauty and the Geek; however, it is far more humorous. The running commentary (Matthew Horne) adds a slapstick tongue in cheek element to the show, and stops the viewer from getting bored.


At the beginning of the show, we are introduced to the format of the show. Six singletons that have been not so lucky in the dating game are to each have dates in the dark.

In this episode the guys are Danny, James and Jack who come across as typical blokes. They have been in the dating game a while and have different, if not necessarily the best, methods for trying to attract women into their lives.

The Girls are Shannon, Dominique and Steph who are each looking for different kinds of men and have different ideas on the qualities which are important to them. The Narrator’s witty comments in response to this; provides humour to this segment of the show.

Following on from the introduction of the 6 contestants the show progresses to 3 rounds of dating in the dark. Steph proves to be popular; with both Danny and Jack vying for her attention; showing a little healthy competition which adds another humorous aspect to the show.

In-between rounds the arrival of a 4th woman Kiera makes things interesting. This footy mad woman seems to pique the interest of the guys, but the women don’t appear so impressed by this turn of events.

Throughout the show the six singletons, feedback on how they felt the dates went; revealing their true dating preferences (based very much on looks! Hey at least they are honest). They each try to impress their dates in different ways, with varying success.

There is a cruel twist to the show, after round 2 of the dating, when the guys decide on the woman to be dumped; who then must leave the show. The remaining contestants then see each other in the light (The big reveal).

The finale shows the contestants deciding if they want to go on further dates with each other (who will want to see who again?); and they must either meet each other on the balcony or do a runner through one of the mansion’s exits.

All in all Dating in the Dark is an enjoyable dating show; exploring the complexities and challenges facing both men and women in the dating game. A tongue in cheek, humorous experiment; which ultimately shows that men and women are not so different in wanting looks over personality, despite their original proclamation of the opposite being true.

- Aired on ITVBe, May 23 2018.
- Series is now available to watch on ITV Hub