CRISIS ON EARTH X shows Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. A wedding. All is well? Knowing these guys, definitely not.

With the announcement that Barry and Iris were getting married - I’m sure that many WestAllen shippers were glad that their favourite couple would finally have the chance to be happy. However, we know that nothing lasts forever in the Arrowverse and it wouldn’t be long before the writers decided to ruin the blissful couple’s big day in some dramatic way.

Cue the opening for last year’s crossover, Crisis on Earth-X. As this was the highly anticipated fourth annual Arrowverse crossover event, it needed to be spectacular. And spectacular it was. Featuring our favourite leaders, Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and White Canary. This crossover didn’t fail to disappoint.

It began with Supergirl and continued on through Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The basis of the crossover was the parallel world of Earth-X, a place dominated by the Nazis. You heard me, this Earth was where the Nazis won World War Two. I think we can all agree with Barry, Kara and Oliver when they say “I hate Nazis”.

Of course, our friendly heroes wouldn’t stand for this and after their most formidable villains interrupted the long awaited nuptials between Barry and his future Mrs West-Allen - they were forced to team up yet again (after the iconic Invasion crossover of the year before) to save the world, wait for it, yet again. In the wise words of Mick Rory, “best wedding ever”.

That wasn’t all. It wouldn’t be an Arrowverse crossover without twists, turns and terrific action scenes. That is exactly what Crisis on Earth-X provided. With the return of a few familiar faces and the addition of new superheroes, Citizen Cold and The Ray - the storyline was continually developed and I never once had to pause the screen.

Now, if you’re a huge Arrowverse fan like me, you probably watched the crossover when it first aired. However, the DVD release features a 40-minute segment called Inside the Crossover, where host Hector Navarro speaks to the creative minds behind the crossover: Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), Robert Rovner (Supergirl), Todd Helbing (The Flash) and Phil Klemmer (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). This special feature is essential for any fan of the Arrowverse as it explains the creative process and reveals unmissable moments that happened during the filming of the crossover.

Even though I enjoyed Invasion, I have to say that Crisis on Earth-X really was a turning point for the Arrowverse. If you compare the first ever crossover between Arrow and The Flash and then look at this one, it is amazing to see how far these characters have come and how their storylines have grown bolder throughout the years. Previous seasons of these shows may have been disappointing (I still can’t talk about season 4 of Arrow), but we cannot deny the fact that the crossovers are exceptional.

- Crisis On Earth X is out now on DVD and Blu-rayTMorder on Amazon.