CHUCKLE TIME is proof that watching other people do silly stuff never gets old. Moreover, the Chuckle Brothers are still capable of making people laugh out loud.

The Chuckle Brothers are back on our screens in a brand new show on channel 5. Chuckle Time is similar to other video compilation shows like You Have Been Framed. I was a little bit disappointed that there were not many comedy sketches. However, I did enjoy laughing at funny home videos.


Barry and Paul provide excellent commentary on funny online home videos.

My favourite clip involved a man running really fast on a treadmill. However, his friend was unable to handle the speed of the treadmill, so he fell off. Obviously, he could not handle the high speed of the treadmill.

In addition, the Chuckle Brothers also provide their usual funny comedy.

I used to watch Chucklevision all the time in my childhood, so I enjoyed the humour a lot.

The video clips were fun to watch. Many clips involved stunts that went wrong and funny pets. For example, one clip showed a singing dog. If you need an excuse to watch Chuckle Time, then a singing dog is a compelling reason.

Depending on your sense of humour, you may enjoy watching Chuckle Time.

Personally, I did enjoy watching the Chuckle Brothers present a montage of hilarious video clips. Then again, I am a sucker for watching TV programmes that involve laughing at people doing silly things.

Sometimes it is worth just letting go of all the daily worries and enjoy watching people do the stupidest things.

- Watched on Channel 5. 16/06/2018