Compared by some as being like the hit show Castle, CARTER is more of a tongue in cheek, light-hearted Crime Drama.

Harley Mackay, TV actor sleuth; returns to his hometown following a ruckus in Hollywood and hooks up with old pals to solve real-life crimes.


This Canadian show, filmed in North Bay Ontario; shown on Alibi, was created and written by Gerry Campbell (Mad TV), and co-developed by John Tinker (Chicago Hope).

Jerry O’Connell plays Harley Mackay (a Hollywood actor) who acts Charlie Carter a TV detective - on hiatus from his TV detective show. Following  a Hollywood red carpet brawl, Carter returns to his hometown of Bishop; where he teams up with old friends to solve real-life crimes.

In Episode 1 we see  Harley join forces with his pals, Sam Shaw (Sydney Tamiia Potier) and Dave Leigh (Kristian Bruun).His mission is to clear his housekeeper Koji of murder (to which he confesses to).

The characters of Koji and Dot are hilarious. Dot (other Housekeeper) is a gun wielding crazy lady (in the comical sense), who means well. She and her husband Koji are merely protecting their nephew Tetzoo. It is obvious, that Carter holds these people in high-esteem and has the upmost of affection for them.


The sub-plot reveals that Harley had (as a teenager), solved a mystery in his hometown of Bishop. Indeed at the end of episode 1, we see Harley staring at newspaper clippings depicting his mother’s disappearance and the mystery of a serial Killer on the loose in this sleepy town. No doubt up-coming episodes will explore this further - as this ultimately provides a more serious element to the show.

Carter is not a serious Crime drama and clearly does not follow strict police procedures. However, I don’t think this detracts from the entertainment value of the show. It is full of many comic one liners, which make the characters so endearing.

Harley’s character, for me, is very much similar to the character of Humphrey Goodman; played by Kris Marshall (Death in Paradise). I therefore look forward to watching more of Carter to see how the character develops, and to learn more about his past.I also look forward to seeing more of the shenanigans and crime solving that he gets up to with his childhood friends.

I have read many mixed reviews on this show; with a lot of people comparing it to the hit show Castle; but really it is a very much light-hearted and comical Crime Drama. Jerry O’Connell declared in the intro to episode 1, that they had a lot of fun filming the show; and it is clear to see this when watching. The characters mesh well and there is a good,all be it predictable, flow to the plot.

If you are looking to learn about police procedures and how crimes are solved, then maybe this isn’t the show to watch. However, if you want something fun, full of humour and with likable characters then I highly recommend Carter.

- Watched on Alibi. 13/06/2018