In Channel 4’s new series, BORN FAMOUS, we are shown how different life was for these celebrities compared to their offspring who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter.

This documentary throws the children of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey straight into the lives of their parents before they were struck by stardom. We, as an audience, are embraced by a whirlpool of emotions, seeing the hardships and somewhat normal lives that such huge stars in today’s world, once lived in.


This particular episode within the series takes us into the life of Gordon Ramsey during his teenage years as we follow his son Jack Ramsey to Gordon’s old neighborhood and explore a life that could be labelled as somewhat normal and strikingly familiar to many of the audience’s own childhoods.

In the very beginning of the episode we are shown Jack Ramsey in all his glory, surrounded by wealth and fortune. We are soon thrown straight into the deep end of real-life problems such as drugs, knife crime and poverty that occur when life isn’t handed to you by your millionaire celebrity father.

We see Jack couch surf in a strangers flat, shadow a teenage boy who tells his story of having to live on the streets and how hard it can be to find a job, visit his father’s old council flat and take part in the cooking classes his father once took at his old college.

The willingness Jack shows to embrace his father’s past and grow more and more appreciative of the life he has whilst helping people less fortunate pulls at the heart strings as he considers how difficult life must be for a struggling teenager who hasn’t been fed from a silver spoon their whole life.

Having experienced what life is like for those who aren’t born into the money and fame, we see it finally hit home as Jack flies back to his ‘second-home’ in Los Angeles, seeing his realization that his life is very far from normal and that even the smallest change within a community can affect a regular person’s life so extremely.

Once Jack returned home he and his father caught up on what Jack had experienced and how much harder life has gotten for teenagers to get out of life in poverty within the 21st century compared to when Gordon was younger. Jack makes his final statement that his father probably wouldn’t have made it into the life of the rich and wealthy had he had been the teenager he was, in 2019.

The documentary doesn’t just give us an insight into the old lives of now well known celebrities but the more important problems that young people go through in the attempt to make something of themselves which is why I enjoyed this episode so much.

This isn’t just a documentary about the rich and famous, but about the hardships that it takes for any regular person to grow in the 21st century.